A Friend That Deserves Everything He's Got

The guy that you are watching right above you is a long time friend, and one I might consider and life long friend, of mine. His name is Ryan Ahlwardt and I first saw him open for The Gabe Dixon Band at the Indianapolis famed venue The Music Mill. (Is anyone else extremely disappointed in how they closed and within a few weeks were open again with nothing have changed except for the good bands? The old Music Mill used to get hundreds of great acts and now we get crappy local bands that play covers on sound level 11.)

After the show I introduced myself to him (like I do to most artists that I see at shows) and asked him where he was from, etc. We immediately hit if off and after a few more conversations I began booking him some pot luck shows and sharing his music with anyone and everyone I could. We have become better friends as the years go by and I am glad that I was able to see him perform.

Since then his solo career has been put on a sort of standby as he and another good friend of mine, both from Bloomington, have joined their college counterparts in a band called Straight No Chaser. They have performed on a few late night TV shows, at a couple of national anthems, and on street corners in B-Town. They are a 10 piece a cappella group that will blow your mind with their voices. With potential tours in the works with the likes of Michael Buble and Josh Groban, they are living off their immediate Christmas time success with Holiday Spirits.

But I just wanted to share this with you all if you have not one, heard of Ryan, or two, heard of Straight No Chaser. He is an incredible individual and deserves everything that has been handed to him. He has worked hard for where he has found himself and I could not be happier for all of his success.

Not bad for a guy from IU.