Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Ronald Rip

I am sitting with a guy that I first saw in an issue of Disc Makers. What immediately jumped out at me was the graphic design work that was done for his album cover. Then, after venturing to MySpace to hear his music, was hooked immediately. He brings a European pop sound to the stage with polished instrumentals and an experienced feel in his lyrics. Sit with me as I am proud to introduce to you Ronald Rip.

What is your first memory of the guitar?

I used to watch videos and hear Steve Rothery from the legendary Scottish band Marillion play awesome riffs on his strat and get lost in some of the guitar patterns, when I heard that guy playing I understood the power of that instrument.

How long have you been playing?

Not for so long, maybe 4 years now, I’ve played drums since I was 14, I consider it my main instrument but being in the front puts me on the spot of playing guitar and I love it!

When did you realize that you wanted to make a run at this?

Honestly it was like a message from God, I left the music scene for a while to focus on producing events in Miami, then I received a divine call or something, a very interesting voice inside of me said I needed to go back to the art of creating music and writing songs

Do you have a job outside of music?

Yes! I work producing and promoting events in Miami Beach’s club scene

What was it like working with Disc Makers?

It was awesome! The staff is very friendly and efficient , I even sent a personal e-mail to all the people that were involved in my project to say thanks because it was a great experience.

How did all that come about?

I really wanted to have a CD recorded and manufactured, I heard Disc Makers was the best option to go and that they provided and excellent costumer service, it was all true!

Have you seen increased numbers at your shows because of it?

Yes! People like to have an image and a product they can touch, they buy my EP and they enjoy having in it on a physical format

I have to know whom did your graphic design work for your album cover.

I knew that! (laughs) Honestly image is everything for me, you won’t believe it but to find the perfect image for the album cover was a very difficult task. I returned the design several times , I was not satisfied at all, then I contacted my friend Cindy Jimenez who is in charge of all designs on my promotions and in one single day she created the concept so well I couldn’t complaint at all. She did a great job

Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from Caracas, Venezuela.

What is the largest crowd you have played for?

I’ve played for a crowd of approximately 400 people

The smallest?


What is your favorite venue?

The next one 😉

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you go?


Is Ronald Rip your real name?

Rip is my nickname created by my childhood buddies. They called me Rip because of “ripping the waves”; I used to surf a lot on my teenage years! Ronald is my first name and yes I have a last name!

Do you write all your own lyrics?

Yes I do.

Where do you get inspiration for a new song?

On the act of swimming into my instincts.

Have you ever co-written with anyone?

“Tales On An Airplane” is the only song I co-wrote with the guitarist of my old band Single Dot Howard Garrao, he provided the lead guitars and those great riffs, we created the music together and I wrote the lyrics.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

My influences are mostly from UK, being Mr. Peter Gabriel the first one on the list followed by bands such as Coldplay and The Cure, although I always wanted to create my own sound. I think that I still can (laughs).

What was it like working with MASIVA?

Masiva is the record label I created to record my own material and work with some DJ’s and new artists in the city of Miami, we are doing very well!

Do you have any thoughts on a nation wide tour this year?

I’m making contacts with some people up in New York I travel a lot finding deals with booking agents and hopefully by the end of this year I will be touring the United States.

Do you always play solo or do you have a band as well?

I’ve been playing solo most of the time, always wanted to put a band together and create a collective consciousness in music creation but I think life took me to this path of creating music by myself.

Where can I get some Ronald Rip merchandise?

At the moment we have not work on merchandise but that’s coming for sure I will let you know.

What are your thoughts on MySpace?

Undoubtedly, MySpace has been a way for the indie musicians to show the world about their talents, I admire the way new artists promote themselves and I believe new music and should be heard in every corner of the world and MySpace has showing us how to do it.

Are you on Twitter?

Oh Yes!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself more involved in the process of music creation collaborating a lot with new and big artists sharing musical ideas and touring touring and touring.

What do you want to be remembered for when this is all said and done?

I’d like to push new artists to show their talents and pursuit their dreams in music. Impossible is nothing!

I always let the artist get the last word. Go.

I’d like to thank and Ricky Potts Jr. for giving me the opportunity to express myself on this interview, and to help artists grow in the industry. These sites are necessary for people who love music and to help to make human kind come back to earth and to appreciate music as one of the most sublime arts of all time. I also thank you “the fans” for reading the words I say here, and to hear my music. You can visit my page and take a listen, I’m in the process of recording an entire album after the release of Premiere. Keep rocking!