Tiger Quits Golf, Becomes Meat Head

We hear about drug testing all the time. Whether on the baseball diamond or on the golf course, nearly every major sport is now hosting random drug testing throughout, and even in the off, seasons. They test for substances ranging from your standard marijuana to performance enhancing steroids. And if you follow professional baseball at all, then you know the routine. Some of the games best players have been tossed around like rag dolls as they have been placed in a court room to argue their case. Many have failed, and others have not even been close to being convicted. But the likes of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Mark McGwire have suffered the consequences.

So what other sports are doing the random testing? Well, the PGA is one of those sports and have been testing for several seasons. But are they testing the big guns like Phil and Tiger? They sure are. And Tiger was recently tested, just this season, at Doral Country Club.

While Tiger was being tested, this for the second time, folks were convinced that he was using. He had been on hiatus for several months for his knee and we all know that he was not able to hold to his daily work out routine. (That routine consists of a 6 A.M. wake up call, seven miles of running, a few sets of range balls, a couple of miles more, a few holes on the back nine, and then some heavy weight lifting. That is then, of course, followed by a few more miles on the treadmill. He does this six days a week, by the way.) So everyone was sold that to have been able to keep that rock hard body he must have been using some performance enhancing drugs.

As Tiger was tested and they found absolutely nothing what so ever that was even close to illegal. And everyone became shocked at the results. Why? Why are you shocked that hard work, determination, and drive to succeed pays off? Look at that body building schedule. Do you think that doing that will make you look like a wuss? He busts butt for everything he has. He is the modest individual that I have ever met. And he has a smooth cool calm about him in a public setting. If nothing else, do you think he would risk the career that he has going for him (remember he is only 33 years old) to take some drugs? He doesn’t need them, obviously, so why are you all shocked out there?

Tiger Woods is a machine. He is human, sure, but he is an absolute prime example of what a true athlete is all about. Tiger works hard for what he has, he deserves every single win he puts in the trophy case, and he knows at the end of each day that he is doing it with hard work. So lay off him and let the man run his career the way he knows how; by hard work.