Trevor Hall Talks About Unity

Recently I did an interview with a friend of mine named Trevor Hall. I had just seen him at Bridy’s Bar and Grille with another friend of minem, Tyrone Wells, and knew that I wanted the chance to sit down and talk with him one on one. So I scheduled the interview and spend a few hours getting to know Trevor a little better.

He is on the process of releasing a self entitled album this July and will include the song you are seeing above you. This song is a duo with another incredible artist, Matisyahu. I saw Matisyahu a few years back at the Vouge here in Indianapolis and was beyond impressed. Actually, opening for him was Trevor Hall, and I had never put two and two together until this interview. But Matisyahu produces a sound that is out of this world and matched with his spirituality he offers a show well worth checking out.

He and Trevor have been friend for quite some time and even in the interview, when asked if he could spend the evening on stage with any artist in the industry, he said Matisyahu. And this video shows the two of them together singing a song titled Unity. This song is incredible and every time I hear it I just want to see what else joins it on this upcoming album.

Trevor tells you a little bit about the song and where the lyrics come from in this video. Take the time to watch the video, as well as read the interview. You can find that at Trevor has an incredible voice, a great spirit, and is a model citizen. Get to know him a little bit more just like I did.

Also, I highly suggest checking him out if you get the chance. He comes to town every so often and by the end of the show he will be jumping around the stage and dancing with you in the crowd. I am glad that I have gotten the chance to know Trevor Hall and I encourage you to do the same.

(By the way, he never plays with shoes on. Just wanted to point that out as I think that is a staple that most artists lack.)