Wash Your Dirty Laundry

What you see here is a video by a good friend of mine from L.A., Mr. Ernie Halter. He is a singer and a songwriter (and a mighty good one at that) who travels the country playing anything from loops to electric and sharing the stage with guys like Curtis Peoples, Trey Lockerbie, Josh Hoge, and many many more.

But here you get the chance to see him play something a little out of the ordinary. He does a video series where he takes cover requests. He plays them in different locations and usually on different instruments other than a guitar. And for this one he will be playing an instant classic from Bill Withers; on a washing machine.

I hope that his roommate does not get angry for shaking up his dirty laundry. Of course at the end, Ernie takes care of that by flipping the washer to the spin cycle.