What's So Funny?

Yesterday, while searching around for some after work entertainment, I came across a story about a guy in France that has the world’s most annoying laugh. I had my doubts at the beginning as there would be no way to test whether or not it was in fact the most annoying laugh in the world, but I decided to search for the video itself.

As you can see, or hear for that matter, this laugh is quite annoying. It is almost so bad that I had to turn off the video. But I stuck it through and waiting until the end. (The video gets better the further along you get into it.)

Enjoy this as you watch an obviously single man laugh his way into immediate Internet fame. (Can anyone tell me why the word Internet is supposed to be in capital letters?)

Can anyone provide proof to me there is a more annoying laugh out there? Record your own for all I care.

(Can you imagine sitting with this guy while trying to watch anything at all remotely funny?)