Your Mom is Hot

I do not want this post to become about the Mormon faith, as I know next to nothing about that religion. I know that some of you might have heard this news story and think that is just goes back to religion, but that is not the basis of this post.

The basis of this post is to discuss a calendar. And that calendar that I want to talk about it one full of mom’s. But not just any set of moms, but hot moms. And by hot, I mean hot.

The calendar, which is set to be released in June (have you ever seen a calendar be released in June?) has been created by the mastermind behind Mormons Exposed, Mr. Chad Hardy. I will save you concept behind the website, but you can use your imagination as to it’s contents. (It is not porn from first glance. That is of course from first glance and I did not take the time to get any deeper.)

The calendar, which will be for the 2010 calendar year, will feature these women all posing in a sexy fashion with muffins. But what will these women be doing with these muffins? Again, this is up to you and your imagination. But, for the people that are out there thinking this is a smut piece of material and that they are offended by the thought of even putting mom’s and muffins in a calendar, just wait. Each page of the calendar will also include recipes on how to make the muffins that each page features. (I wonder if they will include phone numbers and email address to the moms. That would be comparable, right?)

So while you thinking that this Mr. Hardy has gotten away with it, hold your horses. Hardy was excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in response to his male version of the calendar, entitled “Men on a Mission.” (Do you see a trend here? I am wanting you to use your imagination.)

So do you agree with that decision? He is a business man that has decided to take his thoughts of hot women, or men for that matter, and turn them into a profitable business venture. So does he need to be thrown out of the church for finding a way to make money? I look at it as hard work. Take a pro football player for example. They play at most 20 some games a year, including pre season and the Pro Bowl, and they are paid millions and millions of dollars. There are guys in the NFL that are making more than I will ever see that only die hard fans have heard of. Not that this is comparable to a church going God loving man, but you get my point.

So I want to see this calendar. Not for the fact that it includes all these hot moms and muffin recipes, but to support this individual. I want to support his cause. I am going to do a little bit more research as well and see if he has challenged the church at all to get back in. (Who has the power to throw him out? Would that be God’s decision?)

I have neutral feelings on this (I know, that’s rare) but I want to hear your reaction. Will you be watching Miss May lick breakfast come June?