Come Out of the Closet

I do not watch American Idol. American Idol is a waste of time, talent, and our brain cells. I have seen first hand how it takes talent, or so called talent, and throws it in front of the American people expecting us to text in our votes each week as “we” eliminate the inferior talent. But is that the case when it comes to American Idol? It is a popularity contest that usually goes to the cutest, or best dressed of the bunch. Because it sure does not go to the most talented.

Let us take a look at some of the previous winners. Going all the way back, nearly ten years ago now, to Kelly Clarkson. She had a couple of so called hits but you know she is not writing her own lyrics, mixing her own beats, or playing her own music. She has a voice that passes for decent and is thrown up with some cleavage and tight jeans and the American male population goes crazy. She is pretty, I will give you that, but her voice is not that great. She is on her third studio album and I am surprised that she even has a record deal.

Moving forward I will skip right to the absolute best talent that the show has ever, and will ever see. It was the year the teddy bear, Ruben Studdard, and the always flashy, and I mean that with the utmost respect, Clay Aiken. Clay had a true sense of the word talent in him. He had a stage presence that could match the best in the business and he knew how to hit a high note. Where on the other hand Ruben was just a jolly fat man that had nothing more than some soul sounds to sing. He had two albums, one hit, and fell off the face of the planet. Clay has since recorded numerous albums and even a greatest hits album, all the while holding a what seems to be permanent spot on Broadway. He is by far the best talent that show has ever seen.

We have seen others such as Fantasia (what the hell did she ever do) and Taylor Hicks. Yeah, Taylor Hicks won American Idol. Not Daughtry. Daughtry had a ton of talent and had been offered the lead role in the ban Fuel before he was even kicked off the show. He went somewhere outside the top five and would later say that it was the best thing that ever happened to him. (Hold that thought.) I have actually worked with him and his management in the past and they are rude, inconsiderate, and put him so far on a pedestal that he is almost impossible to work with.

Back to my previous point. He was glad that he was not in the top five, let alone win the event. Why? Because he did not want his name associated with the show. Imagine being a winner, such as Fantasia, Kelly, Ruben; or any of the other winners, and having your name tattooed to that show for the rest of your career. I mean, sure, if it great or a while. You get a ton of exposure, a record deal, and some merchandise, but that’s it. Once that American Idol blanket has been worn, or the next season starts for most, they find themselves right back where they were, but with some band wagon fans to help jump start what has proven to be insignificant careers.

But the reason that I write to you today is not to talk about my “love” of reality TV and how terrible I think the show has become, and is for the world of music, but rather to discuss why it is any of our business that Adam Lambert (who won this last year’s American Idol) has come out of the closet and admitted his sexuality. Do you care if he is gay or not? Does it affect you whether he is dating a man or a woman? Will you ever even meet the guy, have a drink with him, share a story with him that his sexuality would even become an issue?

Where do you think this blame lies? Of course, it starts with Adam. But it is blown so far out of proportion, and taken to such a higher new level, by the media. (There is a trend going on here. I have been ragging on the media for a few weeks now.) Without the media to fuel his gay fire no one would one, know about it, or two, care any more than they did yesterday when they thought he was straight.

This is just another prime example as to why the media is ruining our mindset on how we perceive modern day pop culture. I have not taken the time to listen to him (and I will once his album drops) but if I enjoy his music, the side of the plate on which he bats is none of my business. And is none of yours either. How about we worry about more important things in our lives like the fact that some of the nations largest auto makers are laying off hundreds of thousands of employees. Or the fact that our government is trying to control the content that is put on the Internet. (Do you think this would get flagged?) Worry about issues that matter, not issues that make you think about kissing a guy.