Leaving a Creative Impression

With all the recent deaths that seem to keep popping up it is hard to not give at least a thought to the subject. First was Ed McMahon. Then came cancer patient Farray Fawcett. Next was the absolute king of pop and biggest icon of my, your, and any generation, with the passing of Michael Jackson. And today Billy Mays passed away. (You know, the Oxi Clean guy.) That is four deaths of extremely famous individuals in the same week. There are even rumors floating around, which I do not believe are true, that Jeff Goldblum has died as well from a fall on his most recent set. (This is not true according to CNN.)

I was most upset with the death of Michael Jackson. The main reason was because of how big of a fan of his I was, and will continue to be for the rest of my life. He was an inspiration outside of the fact that every song he recorded was incredible. He was as close to perfect as you could get and was basically the greatest performer ever to grace our earth. And if you have an ounce of doubt, then please stop reading now as I do not want your eyes reading my work.

So with all that aside, while trying to sift through the media that has nothing to talk about but these famous deaths, I found a post that talked about the fifteen most creative tombstones. It was a collection of creative, and sometimes awkward, head stones. And that got me thinking about my own head stone. (No, I do not want a headstone that is in the shape of my car. Or do I?)

What kind of head stone (which is right; one word or two) would you choose if you had the chance? I kick start my thoughts of picking something that involves music, golf, or video games. But that might not be long standing. That could be a stage, right? Everyone thinks that I will grow up one day and stop playing video games and stop being so obsessed with music. Anyone that thinks that is wrong.

But why not be creative when it comes to this? It could quite possibly be your last ditch effort at leaving a mark on the future. Ten, twenty, hell even fifty years from the time you die who will remember you? I bet you will get a little more recognition in the after years if you have a space ship as your headstone.