This is Not A Dog, This is a Horse

As a lot of you may know I hate dogs. And before you get all huffy puffy, there are a few dogs I can stand. Sophie is one of them, as is the duo of Chihuahuas that my dad has. (One of them is named killer.) I like small dogs. I like small dogs because they are cute and cuddly. And with the purchase of my latest vehicle it is more obvious that I enjoy small things. (Please stop laughing and take one thing I say serious.)

So when I came across this dog, the world’s tallest dog according to the Guinness Book of World Records, I just had to learn more. And as they continue to call him a dog I have to argue that when you hit four feet tall and 180 pounds you leave the dog category and become a horse. This dog is freaking huge.

What makes me wonder is how safe would a dog this big be? You can see videos and pictures of this dog all over the place, and he has even been featured on Oprah, but does it ever get mad? And if so, what do you do to control it? Because I am sorry, a dog this big will not back down with a water bottle filled with cold water.

You always hear stories of animals that are safe, trusted, etc. that attack his or her owner. This dog would maul and probably kill anything that it comes across. And that brings me to my next point; the world’s smallest dog. Google an image of this horse next to the world’s smallest dog. It is hilarious. The world’s smallest dog resides in London (nice place to live as a dog I would imagine) and has been featured in multiple photo shoots with this beast.

One last thing; how much do you think this thing eats? How do his owners afford to feed this huge animal? The daily meals, the snacks, the water he must consume. I would not want to see that grocery bill.