Tiger Woods Is Finally Beaten on the Golf Course

Well, he is human. Tiger Woods has been beat. Tiger stepped up to the tee and went down in a three hole shoot out. But who took this 33 year old legend down? It was late nigh talk show host Jimmy Fallon, that’s who. But there were not any real clubs in this duo. It was all done on a Nintendo Wii in Times Square. The match took place yesterday, the same night that Tiger would later appear on Jimmy’s show as a featured guest, as part of a promotional event put on by EA Sports in an attempt to sell more copies of his latest installment of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf. This marks the 12th edition of this game and it truly does get better each and every year. (I have had some issues with it in years past, whether it be the fact they change the putting every year or the quality of graphics, etc. but this year it is pretty awesome.)

So Tiger is basically put to shame by Jimmy Fallon on his own game. Is that a big deal? No, not at all. All this proves is that Fallon plays more video games while Tiger wins more tournaments. In Tiger’s book all he cares about is being the number one player in the world. Sure, there is the whole husband and father thing, but in the back of his mind his career on the PGA means more than anything. That record of 18 majors actually means more than anything. (What year do you think he will break it?)

The videos of these events are all over Hulu. (Hulu is so great isn’t it?) So you can go check them out there. I was going to post them but as Corken knows (you have met Josh, right?) the power of Google is pretty amazing. So go grab your golf clubs, or Nintendo remotes, and let’s play some golf.