Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with 7 Days Away

I am sitting here with a band that has made an immediate impact on the national sales front and on the big screen with a track on the Punisher soundtrack. From a small Indiana town this hard rock band has made their image stick with a solid professional sound and industry standard lyrics. Writing songs from the heart and for the radio all the same 7 Days Away is just one of those bands that will make it based on pure talent. Mixing that with management that has worked with some of the biggest names in the business they are a force to be reckoned with. Sit back and let a band that you are about to fall in love talk about what makes them who they are, 7 Days Away.

So tell me a little bit about Connersville. Where is Connersville, exactly?

Connersville is a small town where everybody knows everybody. But it’s a nice town with good people for the most part.

How has being from such a small town affected your music?

There are good things and bad things about being in a small town. We wouldn’t change it for anything because we love our fans from our hometown.

Who writes all your lyrics?

Jay writes all the lyrics.

How did you guys all meet?

We are all from the same town with the same interest and we just came together and we stuck. (Laughs)

What was the motivation to start a career in music?

Our main motivation comes from our fans.

What would you be doing if it was not music?

A lot of us have different interests. It’s hard to say because our only passion is music. So it have to be something to do with music!

Do you all have full time jobs or is this it?

We have part time jobs, but music is our life.

I see a lot of tattoos. Did they come before the music?

Yes, a lot of our tattoos came before the music. We love Ink!

Who has the most tattoos?

Either our vocalist Jay or our guitarist Zach.

How did you meet your management?

We met our management through winning the “Punisher Warzone” Contest. Also through MySpace.

What is the largest group that you have played for?

3,000 people.

What about the smallest?


If you could play with one band who would it be?

Breaking Benjamin or Tool.

You are playing at Madison Square Garden. Who is your opening act?

Any band that wants it as bad as we do.

If you could play only one cover song for the rest of your career what one would it be?

There are to many to pick. (Laughs)

If you could meet anyone alive or dead who would it be and why?

Johnny Cash. We just think he would be a awesome guy to hang out with. (Laughs)

Who are some of your biggest inspirations both personally and musically?

Tool, Breaking Benjamin, A Perfect Circle, Killswitch Engage, and so many more!

What toppings are on your pizza?


What are you drinking on stage?

Jack and Coke or a Coors Light.

What is your favorite song to play?

We all have different inputs so its hard to say.

You are on your way to your next show in London. Your plane crashes and you swim to a deserted island. You are allowed to save three things from the wreckage. What do you take with you?

Guitar / Beer / Food.

Let’s play word association. You say the first thing that comes to your mind when I say these three words.

Grey’s Anatomy: Boring.

Elton John: Um…no comment.

Family Guy: Peter Griffin’s side boob

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Breakfast? Who eats breakfast?

I always let the artist get the last word. Go.

7DA would love to thank Ricky Potts and for taking the time to interview us and we also want to thank the fans for always standing behind us! We will see you all on the road!