Indiana Casket Company to Bury Michael

With all the celebrities that seem to be dropping like flies this month (or last month for that matter, we are into the summer month of July) I am getting sick of hearing everyone talk about them. Sure, I understand that they deserve some time in the lime light and they need to be remembered, but it is getting out of control. But the death of Michael Jackson has made the biggest impact on me. It was not only sudden, he is someone that I basically idolize since for as long as I can remember. Singing his songs, watching his videos, and collecting his albums, it is just a simple shame that he has left us so soon. He was only fifty years old.

But the death of MJ, who is by far the biggest name, music industry aside, to have come from Indiana. Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, Michael has his roots here in the arm pit of America. But even with his death he is getting some home grown attention. A local Indiana casket company will be creating his $25,000 casket for his burial next week. This casket company, Batesville Casket Comapny, actually has some personal ties to me.

I used to work as an art director at a firm in Nobelsville. One of our biggest clients was none other than the Batesville Casket Company. I did various projects with them ranging from logo creation to putting said logo on shirts and pencils. I never had the chance to visit the facility but from what I can tell they had a lot of income ($25,000 caskets might be why) and always seemed to put cash to the side. But I just thought it was cool to see that MJ is getting buried vicariously through a firm that I used to work with. Not as cool as actually working for them, or even having visited the facility, but same difference.

Michael was planned to have a public visitation today, at the Neverland Ranch, but it was pushed back until next week. The visitation will still be public, but you have to purchase tickets. Yeah, I said that right. To be able to see the King of Pop lay lifeless on the floor of the Staples Center, you are going to have to dish out some big bucks. There are a few thousand tickets that are free, but will be given away in a lottery the day of the visitation.

I want to know who came up with the idea of charging to see his funeral. I mean, of course, the burial itself will be family only, but to have to buy tickets to see a dead super star is just beyond me. But I will be honest, I thought about going. I thought about getting a planet ticket and seeing the King even if it was lying in a box on the floor of the center. I did not, and I am glad, as it would be a mad house. I mean, twelve people, to date, have killed him or herself because of this tragic event. I mean, how bad does your life have to be to take it away simply because a musician has passed? Think about it, though. Suicide is a one way ticket to hell, for those who believe in heaven and hell, and even though some people say that MJ was a child molester, etc. etc. and will be going to hell himself, I do not. So kill yourself, good idea; enjoy looking up every day to the King sitting among the clouds.