So How Did Ricky Die? Oh, He Jumped Out of a Plane."

OK, so the picture is just simply hilarious. This old man decided to go skydiving, which as you can tell by his age was an item to scratch off his bucket list, while wearing a Batman costume. And the only reason this picture cracks me up, outside of the how funny he looks, is that I am sure he was dead serious about this jump. He was telling his grand kids about it and said, “Hey kiddies (because that is what old people call kids) I am going to jump out of a plane. But I am going to jump out of the plane dressed like Batman.” The kids get excited and there goes Grandpa to jumo out of a plane. And that leads me to my point of this article.

Why in the hell would you EVER jump out of a plane? Sure, you have a chute. Great. What happens when that chute does not open? OK, you have a backup shoot. Well, those do not always open either. Then what? You are traveling as fast as gravity will pull you and there is nothing between you and the ground and certain death. (Not according to Grey’s Anatomy though. There was an episode where a man jumped from a plane and landed in a bush breaking only a few bones and suffering minor bruising. That is not real, people. You do not jump from a plane 20,000+ feet above the ground, land in a bush, and survive. Sorry.)

A lot of older people, even in movies, will jump out of a plane as a part of his or her bucket list. But what do you get besides a cheap (and probably not even cheap) thrill? I like roller coasters and those are about as safe as you can get and every time I ride one I have that fear in the back of my head something is going to happen. But skydiving? Really? YOU ARE JUMPING FROM A PLANE.

I know if you are reading this and have done this kind of thing before you are saying to yourself, “This guy has no idea what he is talking about. It is the most fun I have ever had.” Well, that’s great. But for the guy next to you whose chute (why not shoot) did not open is not having very much fun. It is similar to driving your car really fast, or intoxicated, or jumping off a tall building; the odds are against you.

But for those of you who want to skydive but have enough common sense and the want to see another day, you can still do it. You can go indoor skydiving. (Why is this one word?) Yeah, you heard me, indoor skydiving. How in the world is that any sorts of fun? I mean, you put all the necessary gear on and then jump in a big wind tunnel and are given the senseation of free falling, but I can turn my fan on to get the same feeling. Well, maybe not the same feeling, but you get the picture.

Have you ever gone skydiving? was it fun? Do you regret doing it? Would you do it again? I am intrgued tio know. I also want to know how many times you have heard horror stories of people who have done it and not lived to see another day.

I got to run, I am going bungie jumping and I don’t want to miss my appointment.

Side note, listen to the song on the skydiving website. If you can name the movie that song was written for I will give you a prize!