The CCCG Presents Summer Fun!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where he or she must grow up.  Some do it sooner than others, and some quite frankly some never grow up.  The ones that never grow up are the ones that are lying on their mother’s couch, living in the basement, working a dead end job (can you even say that in today’s economy) and making just enough to get by.  The ones that do decide to grow up, no matter the age, will start to experiment with the things that most consider adult activities.  For instance, when I decided to grow up, the things that I put focuses on were movies, wines, and whiskeys.  I chose to spend time learning about all three and taking the time to appreciate each and every one for their true worth.  No more were the nights of drinking PBR or watching the latest slapstick comedy.  I finally grew into eating salad, enjoying a single glass of red wine with dinner, and being able to quote from movies like Sideways.

Part of that growing up process was going to events.  And I am not talking about keg parties at the frat house or late night Steak and Shake dinners with my friends, but rather social events that involved more than a typical college lifestyle.  These are the kind of events that required a tie and an RSVP.  Being young, it is hard to “fit in” at said events, but I make due by actually being able to have a conversation with those in attendance.  And this Thursday night an event that fits right in this category is coming to town.

Before I get too far into the event itself I will tell you a little bit about how I learned of this event.  When I come across these events like these it is usually through a certain amount of research or a few ounces of good luck.  For instance, I was working as a bartender at a place, no longer with us I am sad to say, called Pikk’s Tavern.  Pikk’s was actually a featured restaurant in a yearly event held at the Ritz Charles that included distilleries, wineries, and the highest end steak houses in the area.  It was a sampling of food, drinks, desserts, and cigars.  Hanging out with a good friend of mine, Mr. Dave Smiley, we drank $200 shots of tequila and smoked cigars from countries that I cannot even pronounce their name.

But the event that I am speaking about to you here was introduced to me by a man named Andrew Lyon.  Having a scheduled meeting to discuss a potential website redesign, he and I began talking about an event that his organization was holding the upcoming week.  His organization is the Circle City Chamber Group, and boy am I excited that I was introduced to not only this arts group but also the events in which he is currently holding every quarter.

The event that is coming up this Thursday, titled Summer Fun!, will take place in downtown Indianapolis at the Terrace at the Market Tower.  The event will begin at 6:00 P.M. and will kick things off with some BBQ hors d’œuvre from the kitchen at the Terrace at the Market Tower.  (I truly enjoy food so once I have explained all the other activities taking place I will touch again on the food that will be provided.)  While you are snacking be sure and take advantage of the beers and wines that will be passed around while you look at art from the featured artist Julie Cifuentes.  She will be exhibiting her works of large-scale contemporary landscapes.  This will be quite the display of her incredible pieces.

And is that all?  No, I have not even begun.  After enjoying the beautiful art and incredible eats, enjoy the spine tingling sounds of the Circle City Chamber Group Saxophone Quartet as they perform great works from the jazz, classical and contemporary realms.  And if that was not enough to make the ticket price worth every penny, you can finish off your summer’s night with a made-to-order ice cream sundae.  And did I mention the giveaways from the events sponsors!  The list of sponsors is quite impressive, too.  That list includes Hofmeister Personal Jewelers, The Alabaster Box (who are giving away five sixty minute massages), Blu Ultralounge (who are giving away some free passes) and the Cantebury Hotel (who is providing a champagne brunch.  (By the way, I forgot to mention the diamond hunt.  That is the point of these donations you know!  These are the sponsors for the Diamond Hunt, which involves a table covered in small gift bags.  Guests pay $5 per guess as to which bag has the prizes.  There are also some larger prizes that are in the $20 bags.)

So let me get back to the food.  The list of dishes includes bacon wrapped BBQ shrimp, grilled jalapeño and smoked gouda polenta with pulled pork, grilled filet bleu cheese Wellingtons, and sweetcorn poppers.  I am getting hungry just thinking about it.  And to go along with all that delicious food you have some wine and beer options as well that will actually be paired with the individual dishes.  It is encouraged to try all the different combinations.  The beer list includes (did I forget to mention that this is all hand selected by Jill Ditmire from the Mass Ave Wine Shop) Coopers Sparkling Ale which is from Australia.  It is a refreshing ale double fermented in the bottle to give slight fizzy bubble.  (Talk about a summer drink if I have ever heard of one.)  Next you have Wexford Irish Style Cream Ale, which hails from Ireland and is a smooth, rich, and healthy finish.  Next comes Corsendonk Abbey Pale Ale from the land of Belgium and is a seasonal brew that is fresh, lush, and a perfect pairing with the evenings BBQ food.  And last but not least, a personal favorite of mine is the Coney Island Lager from right here in the USA being shipped directly from New York City.  This easy drinking lager makes everyone as happy as the clown on the label.  And there really is a clown on the label.

You can expect tall of this and more this Thursday night right here in the heart of the city.  And as the late, great, Billy Mays would say, “But wait, there’s more.”  Not only are you getting incredible food and beer / wine pairings with each sampling, a chance to see some incredible art work, and to see a concert that will leave you breathless, you will have the chance to network with some of the cities brightest and most cultured individuals.  I will be there sharing in all the festivities along side local uber blogger Kyle Lacy.  He will be in attendance in hopes of having an experience so impressive that it is great enough to blog about.

You can get tickets now (the early bird always gets the worm) for only $20.  Yeah, you read that right.  $20 is all that this event costs.  But, if you cannot get to a computer to get your tickets before the event then you can get them at the door for only $25.  Do not miss your chance to experience all that comes with the countless efforts behind the Circle City Chamber Group.  They are an amazing organization, and you will not be disappointed.