The Death of an Icon

I come to you today saddened by the death of a true legend.  With so many celebrity deaths that have been flooding our TV screens and news feeds it was nice going a few days with out a headline of a dead star.  But when I woke up this morning I found not only had another star died but perhaps the cutest most cuddly celebrity yet.  Today, Wednesday July 22nd (do you know what else happens on July 22nd) Gidget passed away.  Dying from a stroke, Gidget was only fifteen years old.  (Anyone know how old that is in dog years?)

Gidget is best known for her line, “Yo quiero Taco Bell.”  Blowing up all over commercials and billboards a few years back, Gidget became quite the star.  She was know all over the world (well maybe not the world, but anywhere there is a taco bell) and became part of an ad campaign that will not soon be forgotten.  Her trainer, Sue Chipperton, said, “She made so many people happy.”  And I must say I do not drive past a Taco Bell and not think about that dog.

(Taco Bell, like all the other companies that I have been mentioning lately, is going through a re-branding process.  They are changing their colors, their tables and chairs, and their menu.  With the addition of the Fresca menu a few months back (their chicken tacos on that menu are amazing and only 350 calories) they are reaching to a whole new crowd of people that are just begging for that 4th meal.  I just thought it was interesting that Gidget was the start of their branding and they have not really changed since that ad campaign.  Perhaps this will serve as a tribute to that furry little four legged dog.

The dog got treatment like a star, that’s for sure.  Gidget was allowed over twenty-three hours of sleep time a day (are you kidding me, that would be amazing) and would work for only minutes at a time.  But, it has been said that when Gidget hit the stage, she was ready to rock and howl.  She would light up, act her part bark for bark, and then go back to sleep.  She even had her own likes and dislikes.  Gidget loves the sunshine so most of her camera time was spent in the summer sun.  (OK, this is a little ridiculous.  I mean, I get it that animals can be stars, but who gets that money?  Do the owners of the animal get all the rights?  If so, I want to make Sophie (not my dog unfortunately) a success.  She is cute too you know.)

Gidget had some other time on the big screen as well.  Outside of the work that she did (why do I talk like this is a person) for Taco Bell, she also starred in Legally Blonde 2.  And if you get the chance to star in a Legally Blonde film, then you know you have made it to the top.  She also was in an ad campaign for the game Trivial Pursuit.  (I am not sure I have ever seen any of those commercials.)

So take some time today to have a taco from Taco Bell.  And when you are dousing the imitation beef with hot sauce think of Gidget.  Without that Spanish speaking Chihuahua Taco Bell might not be where it is today.  (Did anyone else see Beverly Hills Chihuahua?)