Trent Reznor Calls it Quits in 140 Characters

Wait wait wait; he deleted his account?  Like I cannot access his tweets anymore?  No, I will not have that.  He is not allowed to do that to me.  To you.  To all of us.  Trent Reznor has officially deleted his Twitter account and has left skeptics to wonder why.  Without the help of my fellow coworker, Dan Secrest, I would have no current interest in Trent or the Nine Inch Nails, but Dan has shown the light if you will on the recent activity coming from Trent’s bag of tricks.

Trent, fresh off a tour with Jane’s Addiction, has been trying to bridge the gap between falling record sales, failing record companies, and illegal downloading. (I would never do that by the way.  If the music is good enough to listen to then it is good enough to pay for.)    So Trent has been pushing the limit and has been trying to find ways to increase sales, generate ticket sales for shows, and to get more of his music on more sets of ears.  One of the most genius things that he has done is create an iPhone app that allows you to track tour dates, news, and other NIN information.  He has also been allowing full access to his shows allowing pictures and video recorders to tape everything.

But one thing that Trent has done better than a lot of musicians is uphold a personal Twitter page.  I mean, Miley Cyrus does not update her own Twitter.  Oprah does not update her own Twitter.  And I would venture to say that even Ashton does not update his own page.  But Trent did.  Trent put effort into his image and his fans by replying to nearly every direct message and every tweet about him or his band.  And that is something that is very rare among celebrities; effort.

But Trent has left the Twitter world.  But for what?  What is next for him?  And why?  Why would he leave the fastest growing and almost required social media outlet out there today?  Some are saying it is because of his fiancée, Mariqueen Maandig, and the loads of nasty comments that he gets towards her.  She is hot, I am not sure why people would talk down about her.  I mean, she is getting married to Trent and she also sings up front for NIN.  Yeah, must suck to be her.

Others are saying it has a lot to do with the little fight that he and Chris Cornell had recently in regards to Chris’s new album.  By the way, that album is absolutely amazing and will make the top five albums on my yearly top albums of the year list, and I suggest that you go buy it immediately.  But Trent begged to differ calling the album, well, this is what he said, “You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell’s record? Jesus.”

So with that public tweet he pissed off Chris and well, they bickered back and forth like little high school girls, and eventually it fizzled out of the news and no one paid much more attention to it.  So I highly doubt that this is the reason for his spontaneous disappearance.  Trent has done this before, actually, having left the band to focus on personal demons and to only come back a few years later to shock the world with new tracks, updated beats, and a new album.  So maybe that is what he is up to, who knows?

My thoughts on the issue are varied.  I mean, maybe he was bored with it.  Perhaps he was just sick of touring, sick of tweeting, and just sick of logging on every day to share with you everything that is going on in his life.  For instance, my cousin Chris does not want to have a Twitter page as she does not feel it is necessary to tell anyone and everyone where she is and when she uses the bathroom.  (She used language other than that, but I will save face for the children.)

Or maybe this is another part of his plan.  Has anyone tried to get that screen name on Twitter yet?  I am curious to see if it is taken and if so who owns it.  (Do you know that GoDaddy is starting to sell that process?  You can purchase a Twitter page setup to match your website domain and design.  Hey, guess what idiots that are paying for this; its free and you can do it in less than five minutes.)

Maybe Trent will leave Twitter and focus on his Facebook efforts or his blog.  Seeing as he is the actual one that write his blog that could very well be where hues headed. Or maybe he is more focused on his website itself and not his social media coverage.  What do you think?  Where did Trent go?

By the way, just because Trent left Twitter does not mean that Twitter will go out of business.  (Where do they make their money anyway?)  And it does not mean that you have to go kill yourself like those some twelve folks did when they heard that Michael Jackson was dead.  There is a good reason for it and he will be forced, if nothing else form fans, to give a story, whether it is the truth or not.

Maybe he is going into hibernation.  I heard rock stars could do that.  They just go in a cave, record an album, grow a beard, and come out sober.  It’s called rehab in some circles.

That gives me an idea.  Twitter rehab.  I think I am on to something.