Get Sexy For a Buck

Walmart is quite possibly the best store on the face of the planet.  You can go in to one store, get your groceries, your shampoo, hairspray, deodorant, school supplies, and laundry detergent.  You can also get an eye exam, your hair cut, and your family photos taken.  You can do all this and more all under one roof.  And with prices that are impossible to beat by the local mom and pop stores it is a catch all for people who consider themselves on a budget.  There are stores, however, that try to compete by offering every item within their four walls for a dollar.  (More than a dollar after tax of course.)

These stores go by the name of Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and  Christian Family Dollar.  That’s right, even religious folks try to save money too.  These stores, however, live by the mentality of “you get what you pay for” by offering low quality products made from inferior materials.  Granted, if you are looking for a cheap gift or a discount on your envelopes, then these stores are made for you.  But they also offer some products that you might not go to the dollar store to purchase.

Some dollar stores, not all, will carry some products that you might find a bit flirtatious.  Consider condoms, for starters.  There are many companies out there that provide us with protection, if used properly, from disease and pregnancy.  Trojan, being one of the most popular brands, leads the way by claiming they have the #1 condom on the market.  They have competition, needless to say, by folks like Durex and Beyond Seven, but they lead the way in sales and research.  But do you think you would want to risk going into the dollar store and buying a pack of discounted rubbers?  Do you think that the same research and development that goes into a Trojan condom goes into the variety that you can find for a buck a box?  Condoms are not that expensive, in the first place, so if you are even remotely worried about disease or pregnancy, then invest in a $7 box of the name brand.

So what happens if you use those discount condoms and find yourself a few weeks late for your monthly visitor?  Well, you can go right back to the dollar store and purchase a at home pregnancy test.  What a better way to see if you are pregnant than paying a dollar for a stick that you will take open, unwrap, and pee on?  The “Quick and Easy” pregnancy test claims to be 99.8 accurate, while the leading pregnancy tests only jump up .01 percent to 99.9.  Of course nothing is as accurate as a visit to your local physician.

But the only way that you got into this mess in the first place might be the body spray that you picked up last week while at your local dollar store.  Offering scents for men and women, you will be right up there with the guys wearing Axe.  Of course, the scent will not last as long as Axe, and usually will not even smell as good, but you get the point.  And for women, don’t worry, you can wear some body spray too.  They offer scents like lavender and baby powder.  Not just musk and sweat.

After you get out of the shower and spray on some of the pick your scent body spray, you can throw on a pair of those one dollar fishnet pantyhose.  You can never go wrong with fishnet pantyhose.  And that goes for guys too.  Not all guys, but there are some guys out there that I know can pull them off.  And if you do not want to wear them on a daily basis I can only imagine how many different Halloween costumes you can come up with by having a pair of fishnets laying around.

There are a few other products that I could talk about on my list of provocative list of dollar store items, but I will try to keep this politically correct and friendly to all readers.  But just know that the next time you are in need of some adult products, whether to protect or to inform, you have more than one option.  Head over to your local dollar store and see what all you can find.  Who knows, you might be able to make a night of it.  And just remember that no matter what you find it is only one dollar, so go a little crazy and grab a shopping cart when you enter the store.  You just might need it!