Can I Get An Order of Deep Fried Butter Please?

This year I had the chance to visit the Indiana State Fair for the first time.  I had been to the fairgrounds while the fair has been going on in the past for my fair share of concerts but never to actually take advantage of the other activities that make the fair everything that it’s cracked up to be.  At the fair they have rides in the midway, games around every corner, and a multitude of eateries that offer anything from corn dogs and kettle corn to deep fried bacon.  (Yeah, I said it.  This year they featured deep fried bacon.)  There is even a roasted chicken stand that has jumbo turkey legs and a grilled chicken parfait.

The fun thing with the deep fried bacon is that each year they try to deep fry something new and unique that you never thought would taste good deep fried.  (I did not try the deep fried bacon as the line was too long and the concept just sounded disgusting.)  Last year they introduced a deep fried Snickers.  This year they had the deep fried bacon and deep fried slices of pizza.  But if that is not to your liking how about a deep fried Oreo or some deep fried globs of cookie dough?  And if you get thirsty why you are eating all of this deep fried goodness you can get an order of deep friend balls of dough injected with Coca-Cola.  No matter what you can think of the State Fair has it and you can almost guarantee that it will be deep fried.

So today while sitting at work I was gifted with a link talking about the latest trend in deep fried foods.  This year at the Dallas State Fair (everything is bigger in Texas you know) you will be able to take part in eight new deep fried delicacies.  The one that stood out more than anything on that list is one that I myself, as fat as I am, would never have even thought about deep frying.  You can order your very own order of deep fired butter.  That’s right, deep friend artery clogging butter.

The guy responsible for this, as well as the introduction of many other deep fried products, is Abel Gonzales Jr. He states that the process is a lot more intricate than you might think.  He first takes 100% pure butter and whips it until it is light and fluffy.  Then he freezes the butter and puts a thin coat of dough on the outside.  He claims that this is the most important part as you need something to act as a shell on the butter as it will immediately melt otherwise when it hits the bubbling hot oil.  He then fries them until they are golden brown and you are left with a pile of your very own deep fried butter.

Gonzales does not stop there.  If you are not too keen on the flavor of butter itself you can try one of the other flavors he has so artfully created.  The options range from cherry and garlic all the way to grape.  Gonzales claims that not everyone likes the taste of pure butter so he has to keep an open mind when preparing his delicious fat friendly treats.

If you missed the State Fair this year make sure you take a trip out to the festivities next year.  You might even be able to get a platter of all your favorite deep fried goodies.  Either way you look at it you do not go to the fair and eat healthy so grab a turkey leg, some deep fried butter, and meet me at the hog barn.  I hear the world’s largest pig is on display.