Courtney Love Upset Over Guitar Hero®

It might be the fact that I am quite possibly the worst Guitar Hero player on the face of the planet, but I am fed up with the game.  I do not know what version of the game they are currently on, but I know we have gone through Guitar Hero 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and versions featuring the bands Metallica, Van Halen, and the Beatles.  Some of those might actually be sharing the same name, such as Guitar Hero 5: The Beatles.  I am not sure.  Quite honestly I do not have the desire to Google the collection to find out whether or not that is the case.  I hate the series, I will never purchase one, and I really dislike playing the game for that matter.  (Not to mention that we have not only Guitar Hero but adding to that Rock Band.  Not only do you get the fake guitar, but you get a bass and a drum set as well.  Just as hard and equally annoying.)

I am not here today to talk to you about the hatred that I have for the series but rather the case that has Courtney Love pissed off and threatening to sue the series.  She once was married to suicide victim Kurt Cobain.  He killed himself by putting a shotgun in his mouth and pulling the trigger.  (Just so you know I think that committing suicide is the biggest form of selfishness that a human can encounter.  There is no way, not even if you homeless and on the street, that your life can be so bad that you would want to end it.  I do not want to hear excuses like, “He was addicted to drugs,” or, “He had a problem with alcohol,” to justify his, or anyone’s behavior.  It is selfish and I will never respect someone for their decision to kill themselves.)

Courtney Love made it known on the popular social media site Twitter that she had plans of suing Activision.  She is upset over the way that Kurt is depicted in the game. (By the way, he does not look anything more than what I remember him in the videos that he starred in.  They did quite a good job to be honest.)  She, on Twitter, used a set of swear words and misspellings to make her thoughts about the case.  She said that WE, whoever WE are, will be suing Activision for “all that they have” for the way that they breached on the supposed agreement against his image.

Excuse me, but his image?  A guy that had long, girly hair, sang lyrics that made no sense and you could barely understand, and then put a gun in his mouth to end it all after a battle with whatever substance demons they wanted to use as the excuse for his immaturity.  What kind of image are you protecting here?  I mean, the Guitar Hero series, as much as I despise it, is making a lot of money and selling out on shelves all across the country.  So regardless of the quality of the game, they have a successful business model.  But for Courtney Love to say that they are breaching in on his image is just an outrage to anyone with common sense and a memory of his life.

Love stated that she never signed off on the design and development of his avatar on the game.  She also stated that he “lip sings” to songs that were not even written by Nirvana (like they actually wrote their own lyrics) and that the game makes a mockery of his life and career as a musician.  Basically she just goes on and on, via 140 characters, about how much she is damaged by this game.  (I wonder if she bought a copy.) It is not like she has had the best run of things and has created a great image of herself.

She made it known that she would have been OK with the image that Activision had created if she would have one, been asked to select the wardrobe and the hair styles, but also if she was given the right to manage the creation and design of the avatar on a whole.  Are you kidding me?  I do not think the folks working on these games, who are probably geeks to begin with, even know who you are let alone care two spits your thoughts and direction on the creation of an avatar.  Video games are getting better and better with each console that comes out and with each game that is released.  They do not need “rock stars” telling them how to do their job and how to dress their characters.

I am curious to see how this case turns out.  Also, I want to see the paper work that goes into protecting someone’s image.  I want to get a shirt with his face on it, or make a poster in Photoshop that makes a mockery of him, or her, and see if I get sued.  Can they really do that?  Activision had to have permission to use his songs, as those are covered under copyright law, but his image?  Come on, Courtney.  Do you have nothing else better to do than one, use Twitter all day (look who’s talking), or two sue a major gaming company for “all they have”?  I will put three dollars on it that she does not win.  And I will raise that three dollars that I will never buy a version of the Guitar Hero’s collection.  Well, if they come out with a Guitar Hero Eve 6 version then I might buy it.  But that is it.  Or maybe Hootie and the Blowfish.