CariRay Releases Her Debut Album titled Always On

CariRayI have been listening to this album for a few weeks now trying to find the right words to say.  I have been looking for something to challenge my typical album review thought process but I simply cannot find it.  I have been looking for something negative as no one wants to read a review that is full of positive remarks but I cannot find that either.  Quite frankly this album might just be the best thing I have heard in months, maybe even years.

For the record, I am not a huge fan of female voices.  I never have been.  But when this album starts playing I put all that to the side and listen with an open mind.  The first thing that grabs me is the lyrics.  CariRay writes all of her own lyrics and you can tell that she has lived through them too.  Her lyrics are deep, vested in the soul of a woman who has lived, loved, laughed, and shared just about every other human emotion with her pen and paper.  You cannot make up lyrics like this and having had the chance to sit and speak with her in an interview not too long ago she made it very well clear that she is writing what she feels and how she reacts to lyrics rather than sitting down to just create something everyone else could experience.  This creates lyrics that are not only more genuine but it allows for her to show that emotion in her voice while on stage as well.

So when you are listening to this album you should consider trying to see her live as well.  She brings the same red boots mentality to every single set whether she is playing for five or five hundred.  She has been hitting the Indianapolis music scene quite heavy recently with the official album release on the 17th of October and can actually be seen on stages you would not think a rookie like this should be playing.  She has a show coming up at the Indianapolis country music Mecca at 8 Seconds Saloon and has shared the stage at Birdy’s, Mo’s Irish Pub, and a slew of others.  I have seen her play to no one but the bartender and the juke box and it still blows my mind how she can sound perfect from track to track.

You can hear more of her songs, in preview form, on her MySpace.  You can also purchase the album by clicking here.  But do yourself a favor and go see her perform live.  She takes requests, plays a handful of covers, and has a bucket full of stories to entertain you between songs.  She even has a cup holder on her microphone stand so you know she means business.  She not only plays for but rather to her audience, listens to their concerns as they sip their beers, and truly means what she says when she steps to the microphone.  She is a great person to call a friend, an even better voice to call a musician, and pure role model for anyone trying to make it in this industry the hard way.  If you have not heard of her yet you will so sit tight.  This debut album will be the excuse for her to explode onto the music scene.  There is nothing stopping this spotless talent from reaching the top.