Dancing the Night Away at Talbott Street

Talbott StreetThe city of Indianapolis is not known for live music.  Here in the Circle City we have the Indianapolis 500, one of the most well known races in motor sports.  We have the Indiana Pacers, home to basketball greats like Reggie Miller.  We have the Indianapolis Indians, as close as we will ever get to a pro baseball team.  We even have the Indianapolis Colts, recent Super Bowl champions and the heart of all bandwagon football fans in this city.  This city is not known for live music.

When it comes to live music you do have a few options here in town.  You can go see a show at Conseco Fieldhouse if there is not an Indiana Pacers game or an Indiana Fever game going on.  (The Indiana Fever is our attempt for a professional women’s basketball team.)  You can check out Verizon Wireless Music Center up in Noblesville.  You can go see a show at the Vogue or the Emerson Theater.  You can even catch some more indie style shows at places like Radio Radio or Birdy’s Bar and Grill.

But what if you want to see a DJ spin for a few hours?  Perhaps you have always wanted to see Paul van Dyk drown you in beats for an evening.  Or maybe you want to see the likes of local talent like DJ Matt Porter.  Where do you go to see shows like this?  How about Talbott Street just off of 21st street in downtown Indianapolis?

Talbott Street has played host to some incredible acts this year including Paul van Dyk, DJ Deanne, and Above & Beyond.  I had the chance to see Paul van Dyk a few months ago and it blew my mind that a DJ of his quality would not only come to Indianapolis but would play a venue as small as Talbott Street. Now, that is nothing against the venue as the place was designed for dance music, but that has a lot to say about the city of Indianapolis.

I recently saw Above & Beyond at Talbott Street to a crowd no more than a couple hundred.  I am not sure the capacity of the venue but the place looked pretty much empty from about half way back.  They do have a VIP section upstairs but there were not enough people up there to impress me all that much.  When one of the biggest DJs on the planet comes to town, DJs that have played for crowds over three million in their time, and can only put a couple hundred in a room here in the states that says something about techno music.

Talbott Street is an awesome place to see a show.  There are speakers nearly everywhere you turn and there is a big stage up front.  Directly in front of the stage there is a dance floor that is usually filled with people stepping out of their skin and letting the music take control of his or her body.  There are a few places to get a better view of the crowd, but you are encouraged to dance on these miniature stages.

If you get thirsty while dancing head to the back of the venue and visit their well stocked bar.  They have a staff of incredible bartenders that seem to always remember not only your name but also what you are drinking. Just past their bar you will find the stairs to the VIP section, as well as a side room that takes you into a more quiet setting. Back here you will find more dance music to feed your soul and can sometimes leave the main stage and see another DJ spinning at the same time.

Again, the venue is not huge, but there are plenty of places to get lost if you want to find a secluded corner to dance in.  The VIP section itself is a place to get lost in.  The upstairs even has a name to go along with it.  Upstairs get lost in the all white atmosphere of the Sky Bar.  Up here you cannot only see the stage but you can get out of the hustle and bustle of the crowds down below.

Talbott Street is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but that does not mean you cannot find a one off random event there on a Monday or Tuesday evening.  Above & Beyond, for instance, played on a Monday night.  They are open all the time for special events, but their in-house DJ and weekly dance music spins until 3:00 AM on Friday and Saturday and until 1:00 AM on Sunday.  Oh yeah, and on Friday and Sunday nights don’t worry about having a wad of cash with you as there is no cover.

If anyone out there likes to dance, and enjoys a little dose of beats and breaks then you need to begin frequenting Talbott Street.  This place is sure to get you out of your seat (although they do have tables and chairs on both sides of the dance floor) and will for certain addict you to the sounds of techno.  Talbott is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit here in the city of Indianapolis.  Talbott Street is truly a gem to the Circle City.  So, who wants to dance?