Dave & Buster’s Redeems Themselves

Dave & Buster'sAs some of you know a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and I had an unfortunate series of events take place with Dave & Buster’s here in Indianapolis.  It all started three months prior and led to a four-hour wait for a table, rude hostesses, servers, and management.  Since then I have reached out through Facebook to Dave & Buster’s, which led to a series of emails and phone calls with the appropriate people in guest services at D&B corporate offices.  I was promised an apology letter and a gift certificate to help smooth over any hard feelings that I had about the evening.  I have since received the letter and gift card and wanted to follow up to close this case.

The letter that I received was from the guest relations agent that I dealt with, a one Becca Slagle.  She was the one that I had spoken with on the phone and who had been given my information from her boss who was on vacation that week.  She was a very nice lady that listened, and read my initial blog post, and understood any and all of my complaints.  She had actually since spoken with the general manager, James Pulley, at the Indianapolis store and he as well sent his personal apologies.  I will be sitting with him to discuss these issues when I return to Dave & Buster’s.  The letter that I received is below.

October 22nd, 2009

Dear Ricky,

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your recent experience with Dave & Buster’s Indianapolis location.  Dave and Buster’s take great pride in providing our guests with great fun, excellent food, and legendary service.  We also take guest comments very seriously and refer them to the appropriate individuals for review.

I have spoken with James Pulley, General Manager of our Indianapolis location, regarding your concerns.  He joins me in a sincere apology for any disappointment or frustration you and your guests experienced during your visit on your girlfriend’s birthday.  We pride ourselves at being the best entertainment establishment in the hospitality industry, and it is unacceptable if we did not meet your expectations.  Please be assured, James has addressed your concerns in the appropriate manner with his staff.  As I mentioned in your call, James would like you to ask for him during your next visit so he can personally apologize.  If you wish to contact him, you may call him directly.

Again, thank you for your web post and your call.  Your feedback is essential so we may consistently deliver unparalleled guest experience through the best combination of food, drinks, and games.  Please accept the enclosed $100 Gift Certificate as James’ personal invitation for you and your girlfriend to return soon and allow us to replace this disappointing memory with a much more pleasant one.  If you have any further questions please contact me directly.


Becca Slagle

Guest Relations Representative

When I went into this I did not expect, nor want, anything in return.  I just felt that it was my responsibility, as consumer, to let their corporate headquarters, and the appropriate people, know how my experience went.  They have gone above and beyond for the trouble that we have dealt with and I am happy with the way they handled not only the communication that I created with them but the way they closed this issue on a high note.  I would encourage you, even though I had a bad experience the last time I was there, to spend an evening with Dave & Buster’s.  They have handled this exactly how they should and have done everything to protect their brand.  Good work, Dave & Buster’s, I appreciate all you have done.