Have You Heard About Brittni Carlini?

Brittni CarliniDo you remember when you were in high school and college and all you could think about was the weekend ahead of you? Or the next vacation from school, whether it was Spring Break or Christmas Vacation, when you could just hang out around the house or spend time with your friends.  Well, Brittni Carlini, a twenty-year-old college student from Albuquerque, New Mexico, was excited about one of these said vacations.  She and her friends were about to go snowboarding.

Before they left, Brittni went to her friend’s house, who was in fact going on this same vacation.  His name was Ryan Vigil.  (This is the same Ryan Vigil who in 1996 burnt down the house of a girl who would not date him. I will get to that in a moment.)  All she needed was to retrieve a snowboard.  She never came home.  The next day her parents filed a missing persons report and the search began for her whereabouts.

The first suspect was of course Mr. Vigil.  Ryan has been a proven troublemaker in the past (who burns down a house for a stupid reason like this) and the police felt he would be the best place to start.  Sure enough, when Brittni went to Ryan’s house to pick up her snowboard, an argument started between the two.  Ryan, only nineteen years old, stated that when she was leaving, his friend, Christopher Midyette, grabbed a baseball bat and hit her in the back of the head.  Christopher, only nineteen years old as well, was also going on the snowboarding trip.

The police are baffled as to what the argument could have been over as to lead to such a violent ending.  But the baseball bat to the head was not the end of this tragedy.  After they hit her in the head the boys took her out into the middle of the desert.  Then, the two adolescents then proceeded to set the girl’s body on fire to make sure they finished the deal, so to speak.  After this they tried to cover their tracks and buried the body in the desert.

Midyette has already turned himself in.  He actually told the police where to find the body.  But is this entire incident about the snowboarding trip?  Or is there something more to this crime?  Brittni has a MySpace screen name of Blondstoner420, which leads the police to believe that this entire incident could have been over drugs.  There is no evidence to support this accusation, but it is not something the police are willing to forget.

My question is why was Vigil still on the streets?  He was only sixteen years old yet had already burnt down a house and basically dug a grave in his backyard for a girl that would not date him.  Vigil did two years in a juvenile detention center for his actions in the previous instance.  I am sorry, but does that seem like a very adequate sentence for someone who not only burnt down a house and was caught digging graves (even placing dead animals in some of these graves) in his backyard?  He should have been given an adult sentence for that as he was only fourteen years old but had enough common sense to not only dig the graves but also to burn down a family household.

According to Loni Petry, the girl’s mother, Vigil had a crush on Brittni, but she wasn’t into “douchebags who still rock Counting Crows hairdos”.  But regardless of his hairdo he has in the past been involved in an attempted murder charge.  He now has been involved in an actual brutal killing of a twenty-year-old.  Is there any question in your mind that this murderer needs to spend the rest of his life in jail?  I think now perhaps he will learn a lesson or two spending every waking moment thinking that one swing of the bat put him away for life.