Getting to know Borrow Tomorrow

Getting to know Borrow TomorrowSo who is Borrow Tomorrow? Borrow Tomorrow is a band. They are based out of Indianapolis and have been making their way around the Midwest winning fans one original song after another.  You might also have heard them being referred to as BoTo.  It makes sense, as Borrow Tomorrow can sometimes be a mouth full.  But outside of the fact that these guys are tearing up every stage they play on and melting faces in every city from Terre Haute to Des Moines, who makes up this incredible rock band?

First allow me to introduce you to Chris Jerles, front man and guitar player for Borrow Tomorrow.  Chris also dabbles on the keyboard and is the man behind most of the lyrics that BoTo spits out from night to night.  He is what the other guys call the creative juices of the band.  The lyrics that flow from the pen of Mr. Jerles are said to be influences by the great Bob Dylan.  Also, taking inspiration from guys like Jackson Browne has helped Chris get to where he is today.

To one side of Chris stands Robert Newport.  Robert, also throwing some vocals into the mix every now and again, thrashes on a guitar just for the fun of it.  It is often you will see Robert just playing air guitar in between songs as this man truly breathes the music that he plays.  The thing that sticks out about Robert is that he is a true showman.  He is the center of attention in most songs based on things as simple as his facial expressions as he slams from one chord to the next.

When asking Robert why he plays the guitar he will tell you time and time again that it was Mike Campbell who got him thinking about a career on stage.  Mike is the lead guitar player for the Heartbreakers, the band behind Tom Petty.  But does Robert stop there?  No, absolutely not.  He also is known for throwing some creative juice into the mix.  Robert has a talent for the arts outside of music stemming from acting to painting on canvas.  He truly does wear multiple hats.

On the other side of the stage you will see one of the most experienced bass players in the business today.  Not only does he have a set of pipes but he also has a smooth bass slapping that will have you wondering where he gets a talent like this.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to the talker of the band, Randall Trumbull.  When I say talker, I challenge you to ask him a question and not have a three-hour conversation.  There is nothing wrong with it as he is just as filled with knowledge and experience in this thing called life.  To top it all off Rando (as he is known amongst his friends) is hilarious.  He can tell jokes left and right and be right there to pick you up if you happen to be the butt of one.  Randall brings a lot of personality to this band and whether you recognize him by his handlebar mustache or his big ass sunglasses, you will hear his skills on a bass on every track.

Last but not least is the guy sitting at the back of the stage slamming on the drums.  He is the brainchild behind this great collective and the reason why I ever was introduced to them.  I actually met this guy as a fellow local celebrity judge at the 2009 Ambassadors of Rock Battle of the Bands held by the Hard Rock Café.  He was stuck sitting next to me and we became immediate friends.  We shared business cards and the rest is history.  Andrew Newport has the talent on the drums but also has the street sense to get the band’s name in your ears.   He is constantly working tools like Facebook and Twitter and is always talking about their next big move as a band.  He has the band as his first priority and it shows.  Andrew is just as nice as he is talented on the drums.

Andrew completes a list of four of the nicest guys in the industry. Not only can this band party until the sun comes up (I have seen it) but they are truly nice individuals.  It is fun working with these guys and I cannot wait until you have the chance to see them perform.  Introduce yourself after the show and become a friend of BoTo.  You will not regret making yourself familiar with Borrow Tomorrow.