Getting to know your Beverage

Beer, Wine, & Spirit ReviewsI am always looking for new material and a new way to spread my opinion to the masses. My blog is full of articles that range from golf to technology all the way to art and interviews with bands from all over the world.  I have recently begun reviewing restaurants, and that was all based on the simple fact that I like to eat.  I figured it to be a good idea if I could go into a restaurant, have dinner, and be able to not only write a blog about it but to be able to also build a relationship with that restaurant. I have only worked with a handful of restaurants thus far, but it seems to be working, and the material that is hitting my blog leaves readers not only hungry but also drooling in their seat.

Tonight I was walking around Payless Liquors looking for a beer that I had last night at a beer tasting.  This particular liquor store did not have the beer in stock, but it did get me thinking.  I drink a lot of beer, wine, and spirits.  I am not an alcoholic by any means.  I do tend to have a beer pretty much every night after work, and I not only drink in moderation but I normally am tired after one or two. That is about all I can handle for an evening. This led me to yet another concept for my blog.

I am going to begin reviewing not only the adult beverages that I consume, but also giving you a background on the brewery or the winery as well as some other useful knowledge on the drinks.  I will discuss the pour of the drinks, the nose that the liquids produce, the initial flavors, the individual tastes that I can pull from the drink, the after taste; basically anything that you could experience if you were to take this beverage and enjoy it at home.

No beer is off limits here.  I will sample a Coors Light just as easy as I will sample a Goose Island Matilda.  However, each beer, wine, or spirit will only be tasted and discussed once.  I will also keep a running tally of each category so that I do not repeat samples.  I will keep this list public and post it on Facebook so you can see all of the samples that I am discussing.

I have a feeling this is not only going to produce interesting content but also will give me an excuse to sample new and exotic beers, wines, and spirits.  I have been drinking all of these beverages for so long so why not take the time to discuss them with you out there?  This will be a diary, of sorts, as I journey through these drinks and a learning process as well.  I could probably not tell you how beer is made or what makes a Merlot different than a Chardonnay.  I do not know the science behind why a Pinot Noir from Oregon is better than one from Napa Valley.  But I hope to find out while on this journey.  So sit back, pop open a fresh can of your favorite microbrew, and let’s start talking alcohol.