Twitter Interview: 1-on-1 with Amy Stark

Twitter Interview: 1-on-1 with Amy StarkWhen I first met this lady it was in a coffee shop in the heart of Broad Ripple. It was actually the first time I met a few local social media thought leaders. The coffee shop would eventually close and we headed across the street to the Upper Room. We shared drinks, talked about love, life, happiness, and the power of social media as it relates to both a brand and a business. It was a great night and one that I was sad when it was finally over. But that was not the end of our relationship as far as social media people was concerned. She later would invite me to an event held at Scotty’s Brewhouse in which I ended up meeting numerous others in the world of Indianapolis based networking. I knew right away, from the second I met her, I wanted to land an interview. What better place than to do it on Twitter? Allow me to introduce to you the one and only Amy Stark.

(For those of you that do not know how Twitter works, messages that start with @amystark are messages from me to the guest.  Messages that start with @rickyleepotts are her responses.  I have set a limit to 140 characters for this interview and all questions and answers must fit in a single tweet.  All of the messages you see have not been edited and are exactly as I received them.)

@AmyStark So to tell me what makes @amystark tick.

@rickyleepotts my good pioneer stock, Norman Rockwellish upbringing in #forTWayne, and my love for my daughter

@AmyStark If you could meet one person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

@rickyleepotts @sirkenrobinson -he’s alive and has a Brilliant TED Talk – He sings the praises of the arts in schools. I’ve a bit of a crush

@AmyStark Do you follow him?

@rickyleepotts yes. But there’s a big difference between follow and paying attention. I follow @sirkenrobinson

@AmyStark Settle this argument. Can you build an actual relationship with someone on Twitter?

@rickyleepotts you can connect with peeps that share an interest, which is the beginning of all relationships. One Point of Commonality

@rickyleepotts rats… I really wish I could have a few more tweets to answer that question, but I will abide by the rules

@AmyStark You are good with words. Have you ever thought about writing for @HallmarkPR?

@rickyleepotts no I haven’t, but if @HallmarkPR is hiring, have them give me a tweet. Thank you most kindly for the compliment.

@AmyStark Please tell me you are not a fan of the Colts. (Note there are major cool points up for grabs based on how you answer this!)

@rickyleepotts HUGE @Colts fan. I bought a @PeytonManning bobble-head for my mom last Christmas.

@AmyStark You have lost a dozen or so cool points. Ugh. I wish you had said NO! OK, well, what are your thoughts on this Tiger Woods thing?

@rickyleepotts Americans love to build up idols, then tear them down. Much like kids do w/ blocks. It’s sad and I feel sorry for his family

@rickyleepotts And even though I lost cool points for being a Colts fan, I still will promote you as a worthy #Indiana blogger to follow

@AmyStark OK, you have regained some of those cool points. So have you been in #indiana your whole life?


@rickyleepotts #Indiana most of my life. A few yrs in Dubuque IA, a year in NYC and a very special summer in Antigua West Indes

er… um… am I correct in that you picked up 4 followers since you began TwitterViewing me?

@AmyStark Well, when you get me to 600 we can talk scones! So, why are you not at my TweetUp

@rickyleepotts This is the first I learned about it. I SO could have been there. Please have some deep fried pickles in my honor.

@AmyStark I might just do that. So, is this your first Twitter interview

@rickyleepotts I use Power Twitter I’m old school in that regard. Because I don’t watch everyone on tweetdeck I miss out on some things

@rickyleepotts This is my first formal Twitter Interview yes. Although this isn’t the first time I’ve been asked questions on twitter.

@rickyleepotts HEY Ricky, @1080Group is an ultra cool dude named Roger. You should reciprocate that follow ASAP – Roger’s a good guy

@AmyStark I always let the artist get the last word. GO!

@rickyleepotts Does having the last word mean I only have one tweet left?

@rickyleepotts btw, I noticed you’ve picked up 6 followers since we’ve been chatting.

@rickyleepotts Thanks, I’m glad we have groovy dudes like you who add a unique thread to #Indiana ‘s tapestry. Keep it Up!