Twitter Interview: 1-on-1 with Chad Richards

Twitter Interview: 1-on-1 with Chad RichardsThe guy that I am sitting with today has been making some noise lately with a recent blog post that he wrote on posting the same content to both Twitter and Facebook. It was something that I had wanted to say for months now and did not know the proper way to get the word out. (Go figure since I write a blog where I post content every day!) But he took his thoughts, which I agree with 100%, and posted them to his blog instead. I have been by his side since he wrote that. This interview took place before the blog was written, so do not expect to see any comments about that in here, but none the less he deserves to be noticed. Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to the one and only Chad Richards. (Note that Chad has a lot of great qualities outside of that blog post!)

(For those of you that do not know how Twitter works, messages that start with @chadrichards are messages from me to the guest.  Messages that start with @rickyleepotts are her responses.  I have set a limit to 140 characters for this interview and all questions and answers must fit in a single tweet.  All of the messages you see have not been edited and are exactly as I received them.)

So, @chadrichards, you work for @firebelly huh? How do you like it over there?

@rickyleepotts I do. i like it. we’ve got a good team

@chadrichards Even that Duncan character? (It’s OK, he is a friend of mine so you can say what you want!)

@rickyleepotts Yep. He’s a good guy. Looks great in a mullet wig.

@chadrichards I won’t ask. So, what do you do at @firebelly?

@rickyleepotts Im the Digital Marketing Manager or Social Media Manager 😉 We’re in a bit of a transition right now and working on titles

@rickyleepotts I help clients create, monitor and analyze conversations with their customers and potential customers

@chadrichards Must be nice having a title. My firm does not give out titles. Although I have a title. Weird? How long have you been there?

@rickyleepotts I don’t really like being constricted by titles. I started as an intern in February 07 and came on full-time in June 07.

@chadrichards Nice. An intern huh? Where did you graduate from?

@rickyleepotts IUPUI. Go Jags! 🙂

@chadrichards Heck yeah GO JAGS! I went there as well.  What did you study while at IUPUI?

@rickyleepotts Originally journalism, then dropped out, created a film fest, did a TV show, that failed, came back to New Media

@chadrichards You have been all over the board. So I might as well get it out there. What are your thoughts on Tiger’s recent situation?

@rickyleepotts To be honest I haven’t really followed it. I was more interested in the Adam Lambert AMA controversy a while back 😉

@chadrichards We can talk about that too. What were your thoughts there? And BTW the album is amazing. One of the best albums of the year.

@rickyleepotts I love the album. He’s a great performer and that performance was exciting. Break down barriers. He’s not a babysitter

@chadrichards Did we just become best friends? YEP! Did you know he is from #indiana?

@rickyleepotts Oh, wow, I did not know that. I know the creator of Glee is originally from Indy. I like that show too

@chadrichards I just have to know. Are we friends on @foursquare yet?

@rickyleepotts hmmm….lemme check 😉

@rickyleepotts Affirmative! We are indeed friends on @foursquare

@chadrichards You cheated. Maybe I should introduce you to @paulpottet. So please tell me you are not a #colts fan.

@rickyleepotts Just met @paulpoteet at his Gotta Eat event last week. Will see him again tom. Not a sports guy, but their streak is exciting

@chadrichards Shut the front door! You are going to be at his event tomorrow night?

@rickyleepotts I am. You going?

@chadrichards Heck yeah I am going to be there. I will actually be writing on the event in my blog. Do you read my blog?

@rickyleepotts Um…not gonna lie. This afternoon was my first time looking at it! I’m confident I’ll be spending more time there however.

@rickyleepotts Lemme guess…the interview is now over? 😉

@chadrichards Oh stop it.  You are going to make me blush! So I only have a couple of more questions. Is this your first TwitterView?

@rickyleepotts It is my first Twitterview. I’m excited!

@chadrichards Well you did well. Like all of my interviews, I always let the artist get the last word. You are an artist you know!  GO!

@rickyleepotts I will shamelessly self-promote the services we provide. Check out C’mon I’m in marketing 😉