You’ve Never had a Squeeze Like This Before

Starting a new diet plan has been very difficult. Although I m not following a specific diet plan, I am cutting calories and beginning an exercise routine.  I am also increasing my protein and fiber intake while cutting out carbohydrates.  This means no bread, beer, crackers or other starchy foods.  This is the hardest part for me because I love bread and beer just the same.

I was recently told about a line of juices that are packed with fruit.  Naked Juice offers many varieties that include banana, apples, cranberries, accai berries and mango.  When I began researching these juices, I saw one bottle that advertised it contained 150 blueberries.  You can find these juices at nicer gas stations, Walmart, Target, and most local grocers.  The juices are a little pricey, with final cost coming in just under $4 per bottle.  The amount of nutrients and delicious taste make them worth the price.

If you are looking for more options and want to control the fruits that make it into your drink, you can go to Squeeze Fresh Smoothies.  There is a location just around the corner from where I live and I have been there a few times.  I might begin going more often now that I’ve started my diet.  There is a similar family owned store called Yogo Kiss off of 96th Street.

The concept is simple; you begin by selecting a flavor of yogurt and then go crazy with an array of fruits.  Some of the fruits you can choose from are mango, cranberries, blueberries, peaches, watermelon, strawberries, bananas and the list keeps on going.  You don’t have to stop there; there are additional supplements that include calcium, creatine, energy, fat burner (I need that), fiber soy protein and whey protein.  If you find that there are too many options for you to decide, no worries, their employees are always willing to help you make up your mind.

Squeeze Fresh Smoothies also offer more classical drinks such as apple juice, orange juice, lemonade (served regular, mango, raspberry, or strawberry) and even carrot juice. They offer these more laid back choices available for those who, much like me, are nervous to try something else.  They even offer and additional list of drinks that contain a combination such as coffee beans, chocolate or caramel.  These drinks are a little less healthy (depending on your portion size) than the others but sometimes it’s okay to venture to the dark side!

Squeeze Fresh Smoothies calls most of their drinks smoothies.  They actually have a list of smoothies that you can order by name or find them categorized by a flavor profile   Most are served with three servings of fruit (similar to Yogo Kiss) and they are sold as “what you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”  I do believe that these smoothies can keep that promise from what I have seen in their nutritional information.  Even a large smoothie, depending on the choice of fruit and milk, can have less than 100 calories by the time you are finished.  If you are the most cautious type just select a juice.  Granted a gallon of juice at the grocery store would probably cost you less.  These juices are quite healthy as they have no sugar added and do not contain any high fructose corn syrup, they are literally 100% juice.

As I mentioned earlier you can add additional things to your smoothie. At Squeeze Fresh Smoothies you can get what is called a Squeeze Shot.  You can get these in 1, 2, or 4 ounce squeezes that include matcha and wheatgrass.  Matcha is a perfectly balanced combination of natural caffeine, tannins and L-theanine.  This substance can provide the body with extra energy and mental clarity.  It is also packed with antioxidants, chlorophyll, iron, amino acids, and essential vitamins that are known to help the bloodstream.  They can also help you burn fat, cleanse your skin naturally and boost your immune system.

Regardless of what you are in the mood for, Squeeze Fresh Smoothies are a healthy alternative to whatever you are used to.  So the next time you see a Squeeze Fresh Smoothies, or a Yogo Kiss for that matter, stop in and give it a try.  You just might find yourself making a habit out of it like I have!

*Please note that products may vary by location. Squeeze Fresh Smoothies wants you to know that they guarantee quality and freshness.  Customer satisfaction I is their number one goal.  They want to make sure every time you visit you enjoy an experience that goes way beyond a flavorful and nourishing product.  That is why they pledge to greet you with a smile every time, making your order fresh using the best quality ingredients available and deliver your order in a prompt and courteous manner.