Eight Reasons to Visit Amelia Island

Eight Reasons to Visit Amelia Island PlantationThis year the Golf Inc. Conference will take place in Florida. When you think of Florida you start to imagine places like Disney World, located in Orlando, or Miami Beach. But on the north side of the state there are places of interest just the same. For instance, places like Amelia Island. This is home of the 2010 Golf Inc. Conference and proves to be a great selection as folks are already talking about the course and the hotel. So, as you begin to prepare for the three day conference this April, I wanted to provide you with a list of eight reasons why you should attend this event. (Note that this list was taken from an issue of Golf Inc. Magazine.)

Recovery Shots for the Next Decade

At this year’s event you will have the opportunity to sit through thirty sessions that will cover the full gamut of your business and help you on your most pressing needs. It’s time to see your business get ahead of the game.

Guaranteed Return on Your Investment

89% of past attendees rank it as a “good” value or better, with 64% ranking it “very good” or “excellent”. The folks at Golf Inc. are so confident that you will find the conference a good value that we offer a money-back guarantee*. They are sure you’ll feel you got your money’s worth that they will give you your money back if you find the conference was a “poor” value.

Best Speakers of any Golf Conference

94% of past attendees rank the quality of speakers as “good” or better, with 65% ranking them “very good” or “excellent”. And 91% agree that the speakers represent the industry’s leading operators, developers, and experts.

The Ultimate Networking Experience

Network throughout the conference with colleagues, industry leaders, and others. Their cocktail parties and other events are rated as the best part of the conference. “You always bring together a strong group of industry professionals in a great and intimate setting. Hard to find another conference that duplicates that kind of value,” a recent attendee wrote in an anonymous survey.

Lowest Rate in Years

They are offering their lowest attendee rates in more than five years. Get in for as little as $399 for one person, if you register before February 19th, 2010. You can register the second person in your party for only $199., and the third person for only $99.

Special International Development Symposium

Learn from international golf leaders on where to build now and what’s working in today’s economy. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear speakers from the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Bahamas.

Private Club Track: The Membership Dilemma – How to Stop the Bleeding

They have crafted a track especially for private clubs, board members and owners who are struggling with membership declines in this tough economy. Learn from experts who have success stories to share.

Outstanding Golf at Amelia Island Plantation

Play one of the four Audubon International certified golf courses beautifully designed along the coast. Enjoy the ocean, the weather, and work on your game while at this year’s conference.

This list should be more than enough to get you to the 2010 Golf Inc. Conference. If not, just take a look at the presentations that make up that list of thirty sessions. There are some industry thought leaders at this event and it will be a great value for you and your club by attending this year’s event. Plus, the round of golf, the cocktail parties, and the potential for all the relationships that you can build is invaluable. So go ahead and register and start planning your trip to Amelia Island.

*Money-back guarantee: Attendees will be sent a survey by email one week after the conference. If you rate the conference as a poor value you will be offered a refund of your purchase price.