Getting a Sample of Walmart Party Trays

Getting a Taste of Walmart Deli TraysIf you know me, you know of my infatuation with Walmart. I am the mayor of three different stores on foursquare, I shop there every week for my lunch, and I go there once or twice a week for essentials like hair spray, shampoo, and deodorant. I am always walking the aisles looking for the next great deal, and I can’t get enough of their “Rollback” commercials on television. Walmart is my happy place.

Walmart usually has the lowest prices on goods, and you can find anything you need at your nearby Super Walmart store. They even have a full service deli offering up some of the world’s best-tasting imported cheeses and meats. For instance, last week I got some really good Swiss cheese and a half-pound of rare roast beef from the Netherlands. And the Walmart deli offers more than just delicious cheeses and fresh cuts of meat. They also offer a full array of party platters.

Meat & Cheese Tray

You can get a party platter stacked high with deli-quality meat and cheese. This tray includes smoked turkey, honey ham, roast beef, Swiss cheese, Colby Jack, and even pepper jack cheese. The tray comes with a cup of olives and is garnished with a handful of cherry tomatoes.

You can get a small two-pound tray for only $15 to serve six to eight people. A medium tray with the same fixings will run you $25, but it’s over five pounds of food and serves fifteen to twenty people. If you are really hungry or have a huge party planned for the evening, you can order the 18-inch tray. This party platter weighs in at over seven pounds for only $35, and will feed between twenty and twenty-five. It is by far the best value out of the three choices.

Sub Sandwiches

If you are not in the mood for an assembly-required lunch, you can have the generous folks at Walmart prepare the sandwich for you. Indulge in a sub sandwich in one of three sizes. You can even build the sandwich to your own specifications with roast beef, ham, turkey, chopped ham, or bologna. You get the choice of up to three meats on this big sub. You can even add Swiss or American cheese. Then, garnish with lettuce, tomato, and red onion. You can even order mustard and mayonnaise if you like.

The three sizes you can select from will feed any size party. First, you have the two-foot sandwich.  It holds over two pounds of meat and cheese and serves ten to twelve people for $15. If you need just a little more food to hold you over, try the four-foot sandwich. This is over three pounds of meat and cheese and will serve around sixteen to twenty-four. It will only cost you $20. But if you are feeding a football team, then invest in the six-foot sub. This monster sandwich has over four pounds of meat and cheese and serves over twenty-five people. It is only $25, and is by far the best value for your dollar.

Condiment Tray

If you are planning to serve meat and cheese tray at a party, you need to give your guests something to put on top of their sandwiches. This is why Walmart has created the condiment tray. No sandwich is complete without a little extra flavor and color. For that something extra, have some freshly sliced tomatoes, sliced black olives, lettuce, red onions, pickles, sliced jalapenos and even sliced red and yellow peppers.

The size of your meat and cheese tray will help you decide which condiment tray to order. For $15, you can get a 12” tray that will serve around fifteen to twenty people. If you got the bigger deli tray, then enlist in the 16-inch tray that will serve twenty to twenty-five people and will only cost you $20. Either way you look at it, your guests will have more options for not a lot more money. It will make all the difference when it comes time to make those deli sandwiches.

All Meat Tray

The first tray that I talked about was the meat and cheese tray. But what if you don’t like cheese? Well, then Walmart has you covered. They are now offering an all meat option. The meat tray comes piled high with Virginia ham, roast beef, and smoked turkey breast. It is served, like the other meat and cheese tray, with a cup of olives and a garnish of cherry tomatoes.

There are three options when it comes to this all meat tray. You can get a three-pound tray that will serve ten to twelve people for $15. Upgrade that to the four-pound meat tray and you can get enough food to serve fifteen to twenty folks. That tray will only cost you $25. If you have a big party planned, grab the largest tray that is over six pounds of meat and will server twenty to twenty-five people. That tray will only run you $35 and is the best value of the three.

Premium Meat & Cheese Tray

I’m not saying that the previous meat and cheese tray was not filled with delicious meats and cheeses, but Walmart offers a premium meat and cheese tray as well. Satisfy your premium tastes with three delectable meats and three tasty cheeses that will bring your party to the next level. Similar to the other trays, olive will garnish the middle and cherry tomatoes will add a bit of color.

As with the earlier choices, the premium tray comes in three sizes. The first is $25 and will get you over three pounds of meat and cheeses. The second is the 16-inch tray that packs over five pounds of meat and cheese for only $35. But, if you want to give your party the best treatment possible, grab the 18-inch tray for $40 , with over seven pounds of meat to enjoy. Either way you look at it, these meats and cheeses will but a smile on everyone’s face and fill any growling belly.

Pinwheel Tray

I remember growing up my mom would make me roll-ups. These were soft  tortilla shells with a creamy ranch sauce all over, rolled tight with roast beef and lettuce. I never liked lettuce growing up, but when I make them now I throw in as much lettuce as will fit. I even remember dipping them in sweet and sour sauce. They were delicious!

Walmart makes something almost just like Mom’s. Theirs offers a choice of meats as well as fresh vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce. You can have twenty-four pinwheels for $20 or forty-eight pinwheels for $35. With these little tasty treats, you can serve anywhere from six to sixteen without breaking the bank. And trust me, grab a bottle of sweet and sour on your way out!

All Cheese Tray

Just as you can get a tray filled with nothing but delicious meats, you can also get one filled with nothing but freshly sliced cheeses. This tray includes sharp cheddar, Colby longhorn, Muenster, Provolone, hot pepper jack, and even imported Swiss cheese. The deli staff will cube these instead of slicing, on request. This, as most of their delicious trays, is garnished with cherry tomatoes. In the center, you can choose either a port wine cheese ball or a sharp cheddar cheese ball.

This tray comes in three sizes. The first tray is over four pounds of cheese and will serve ten to fifteen for $15. The second option is the five-pound cheese tray that will serve fifteen to twenty people for $25. If you are a true cheese lover, then grab the nine-pound tray, and feed over twenty people for only $35. Any way you look at it, you will get your fill of cheese with this tray!

Cheese Taster Tray

If you are trying to please everyone at the party, you’ve got to have a variety of options to choose from. That is why Walmart offers a cheese sampler tray. It comes with a sharp cheddar or port wine cheese ball, an assortment of pepper jack cheese, Colby Longhorn, Havarti, Colby Jack, smoked cheddar, and even imported Swiss cheese. And for a change from the cherry tomatoes, you get an assortment of red and white grapes.

There are only two options here, but you can get the four-pound tray to serve fifteen to twenty people for only $25. You can up that to a six-pound tray of cheese, and serve twenty to twenty-five people for only $35.

Chicken Combo Tray

Walmart wants to make sure that you get a few options other than just deli sandwiches. That is why they are offering a chicken combination tray. On this tray you can select a combo platter of chicken tenders, sweet boneless BBQ wings, and popcorn chicken. This also comes with a cup of creamy ranch dip in the center. For $25, you can get a tray that is over five pounds of chicken and serves twenty or twenty-five people. Or you can choose the 18-inch tray and serve about thirty for only $35.

Chicken Tender Tray

We all love chicken tenders. From our high school lunches to the order you got as an appetizer last night, chicken tenders please all types of people. Whether you dip them in honey mustard, BBQ sauce, or some other sauce of your choice, Walmart’s tray with these little chicken strips will satisfy.

You can get a 16-inch tray that has over five pounds of tenders for only $25. Or, grab the big 18-inch tray of over seven pounds of tenders. It’s only $35. This tray will serve some twenty-five to thirty people. Either way you look at it, you are going to need a lot of dipping sauce!

Snacking Tray

Similar to the cheese sampler tray, this tray allows something for everyone. The snack tray, piled with bite-sized cubes of hearty meats and delicious cheeses, is perfect for everyone.  Savor hard salami, cooked ham, and smoked turkey as well as Provolone, sharp cheddar, and even Swiss cheeses. This tray is also garnished with cherry tomatoes and a ball of sharp cheddar or port wine cheese in the center.

The five-pound tray serves twenty for $25. Or you can go with the larger tray, an 18-inch tray with nine pounds of goodies on it. This tray will feed twenty to twenty-five people, and at only $35, your guests are worth it.

Veggie Tray

Not everyone likes to eat meat and cheese all the time. Sometimes folks just want to snack on some vegetables. These are perfect times for Walmart’s fresh vegetable tray. This tray is filled with cherry tomatoes, broccoli, squash, carrots, cauliflower, celery, radishes, and green onions. In the center you will find a 12-ounce serving of ranch dipping sauce.

There are two choices here. You can pick the 16-inch tray for $25, or the 18-inch tray for $35. The first tray will serve fifteen to twenty people; the second tray will feed twenty to twenty-five people. Either way you go, the tray offers a healthy alternative to meats and cheeses.

These are only a few of the trays that Walmart now offers in their full-service deli department. You can also order a flavored wing tray filled with your favorite flavor of wings, or a tray of chicken tenders and potato wedges. This fills you up on chicken, but also gives you the delicious, starchy deep-fried wedge fries. They even offer a sub ring, similar to the sub sandwich discussed earlier, or a sandwich tray with individual hand-held sandwiches.

Walmart also makes it easy to order. At any Walmart, in the deli department, you can find order forms. These order forms ask for some basic contact information like your name, address, phone number, and desired pick-up date. From there, you can just check off everything you want and allow the experienced deli staff to make your order. I have not personally ordered from the Walmart deli party tray menu, but based on the value and the amount of food you get at such an unbeatable price, I will soon. So remember the Walmart deli for your next get together. All of this is making me hungry!