Thank You Letter to Gallery 7

Thank You Letter to Gallery 7I was lucky enough to have my artwork on display for two consecutive months at Gallery 7 at the Pike Performing Arts Center. This took place some three years ago, but I still think about this show as a stepping stone in my career as an artist. I had the chance to work with some incredible people and even ran into one not too long ago at another event here in Indianapolis. I was asked to write an artist statement for media and press purposes, but I also decided to throw a thank you latter in with that. It went first to the folks that made the event possible then to the local media for press coverage of my art exhibit. What follows is my thank you letter to Gallery 7 and all of those who made this event possible.

Thank You Letter to Gallery 7

I want to start by saying thank you to Jared Duymovic. As the Gallery 7 community outreach coordinator Jared has been aiding me from day one. Having met with Jared early on in my desire of displaying at Gallery 7 I knew immediately that this was somewhere I had to display my work. And with his constant communication from my acceptance in regards to displaying at Gallery 7 to his patience in the many hours I logged while setting up my exhibit Jared has been an incredible resource.

I want to also thank the Pike Performing Arts Center and Pike High School for allowing me two full months of time to exhibit my work to the general public. They have been gracious enough to provide me with twice the expected amount of time and added exposure is priceless to me as an artist. Also, by allowing me to have two separate artist receptions, one each month, allowed for an evening for me to be present with my audience and to discuss individual pieces and to meet all of my fans as they enjoyed my work.

I want to thank Danielle Hensley for the bleeding hands and early mornings while helping me set up my exhibit. Without her endurance and her drive to making my display nothing less than perfect, you might not be reading this today. Danielle, an interior designer from the Art Institute of Indianapolis, has logged just as many hours as I have and has finished just as many cups of coffee helping me in more ways than I could possibly imagine. Without her this exhibit would not have been possible.

I would like to thank FedEx for their unbelievable customer service in helping me make sure each and every piece was perfect for my exhibit. Having spent about six months researching and receiving price quotes for the printing process, FedEx went above and beyond in not only being the lowest price for the quality of their work, but also by providing me with next day service on all my work. I could not be happier with my final product.

I would like to thank the Indianapolis Arts Council. They have been a new found part of my art world and this past year, as being their cover artist for the 2008 Indianapolis Arts Council Gallery Guide, I have gained invaluable amounts of exposure. Having worked with numerous members of the staff at the council, I have gained access to an abundance of resources for helping in enhance my art career.

I would like to thank my family and friends for their continuous support of my work. Being a freshman artist is scary when trying to gain immediate exposure in a market as large as Indianapolis. Without their support and comments on my work and criticism just the same I would never be able to create another piece.

And most importantly, I would like to thank you, the audience of my work. Without people out there to look at my work, to appreciate my work for what it is, and to ask questions on the process and the inspiration behind each piece, I would be making art for no one but myself. Thank each and everyone of you for your inspiring words, thoughts, and love for independent art. For my art.

This art is for you.

The art show went well and I managed to sell a few pieces in the months following the art exhibit. I had a great showing the second month and managed to shake a lot of hands and meet a lot of people who truly appreciate independent art work. I have stayed in touch with the folks from the gallery as well and plan on showcasing my work again in the near future. It has been a long road, having covered eight art shows in the last three years. But no show meant near as much to me as this one. Thanks again to all of those who made this event possible, all of you who helped me along the way, and continue to talk about my work.