Birdman Hitches a Ride

Birdman Hiches a RideIt must be nice to have money.

Why does it seem like only sports stars and musicians make the big bucks? Perhaps it is only the lead singers and the rap artists making all that dough. At least one of them is making a pretty penny.

Birdman, the ever-so-popular southern rapper just bought a new car. As a matter of fact he just dropped over $2 million on one.

Birdman was born Bryan Williams and while he might be known on the streets for being a hardcore rapper, he is actually a millionaire for his role as CEO of Cash Money Records.

Of course the delivery of his car didn’t go without notice. If I dropped that much on a vehicle I would expect the press to show up too. When the car was delivered Birdman and his crew were all decked out in Adidas gear from head to toe. Birdman himself was dressed in all red in an effort to match the color of his new car. (Did you know that red cars are pulled over almost twice as often as any other color?)

The car is a brand new Bugatti Veyron that cost just shy of $2.1 million. Bugatti was founded in Molsheim, Germany. They were developed as a company set out to produce high performance automobiles.

The car does offer more than just a ride from point A to point B. There is actually a video floating around showing off the delivery of his new car. Birdman wanted to make sure he got all of this on video. For instance, it has an estimated top speed of 267 miles an hour. I would like to see him get the car up to that speed here in the states. It doesn’t matter though, a car going that fast would run out of gas within minutes. Experts say that a car traveling that fast, even with a full tank of gas, would only get ten or so miles before the gas tank was empty. Not to mention that the tires would literally disintegrate in a matter of minutes at speeds like that.

Birdman buys this car in good company. Other celebrities who have sat behind the wheel of a Bugatti include Simon Cowell from American Idol and the legendary actor Tom Cruise. But if you ask me, buying a car for that much money isn’t really worth it. The initial cost is one thing, but this ride will cost some $300,000 a year to just maintain. That includes gas, oil changes, and just daily maintenance on the car. Too rich for my blood.

Birdman had this to say about his new ride, “I am expensive.” You can say that again.