Getting Stuck in Rush Hour Traffic

Getting Stuck in Rush Hour TrafficI hate sitting in traffic. I have never understood the concept of rush hour traffic. It makes sense that everyone is going to work at the same time, or getting off of work at the same time, but if we are all trying to move in the same general direction why am I sitting here on the freeway for two hours after work?

Indianapolis is not that bad when it comes to rush hour traffic. We have 465 that allows us easy access to any major part of the city, and then a lot of roads going north/south and east/west to allow us a speedy commute. But there are some cities that suffer a lot more than we do.

Detroit, Michigan

It makes sense that the Motor City has a traffic problem. But the more the economy tanks the more the residents of Detroit are moving elsewhere. The city has seen a huge decline in residents over the last two years and the economy is the only one to blame. Factories are shutting down, jobs are being lost, and these people have no choice but to move to be able to afford to live.

San Diego, California

I have not been to San Diego, but I hear it is the most beautiful place in the United States. They have perfect weather, great beaches, and a low crime rate. Perhaps that is why they have such an issue with traffic. There have been complaints that even the weather is no match for the crowded streets of southern California.

Orlando, Florida

There is just so much to do in Orlando; I totally understand why they have issues with traffic. I have been there a half dozen times in my adult life and overtime I am there I am either playing golf, visiting Disney World, visiting friends, or just going for a weekend getaway. They have a huge airport bringing in and sending travels to all parts of the world and are fairly centrally located in the state of Florida. I have sat in rush hour traffic in Orlando, and trust me. It’s not pretty.

Dallas, Texas

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. That also relates to their issues with traffic. I have been to Dallas many times, but have never sat in the rush hour traffic. But I know that Dallas is starting to become a hot spot for a lot of businesses, and that they are starting to complain of it being over crowded just like San Diego. I would never want to live in Dallas, but they do have issues with traffic just the same.

San Francisco, California

I love this town. In San Fran you have so many things to do. You are just a bridge away from Oakland, an hour drive from the Napa Valley, thirty minutes from Mountain View (where Google and Microsoft call home), a short drive from Stanford University (where Tiger Woods went to school) and another twenty minutes from 17-Mile Drive where you will find some of the best views and golf courses in the country. I loved driving through San Francisco when I was there. The traffic is an issue, but I enjoyed it. There is just too much to look at while driving around these streets.

Atlanta, Georgia

Don’t drive through Atlanta. Period. Avoid this city at all costs. I had the pleasure of driving through Atlanta a few years ago and I don’t ever want to do it again. Atlanta is known for being a hip, young, and fun town. But apparently these hipsters don’t know how to drive. We were coming back from a weekend in Fort Lauderdale and hit Atlanta around 9:00 PM. We got out of Atlanta two hours later. There are no huge loops to get you around the city either. What loops they do have will have you gridlocked for hours.

Washington, DC

This is our capital, people. You have people working in all sorts of job markets here. From the folks working in our government to the people just pumping gas, Washington is a crazy place to live. I have also heard that it is a dirty place to live because of all the homeless people that flock here. Regardless, I do not look forward to driving through the rush hour traffic if and when I visit our nation’s capital.

Los Angeles, California

I went to LA for the first time last year. Sure, I was there to play golf and hang out with some friends of mine, but the most exciting part was the traffic. LA is known for having the worst traffic of anywhere in the world and I have to admit, they are right. I was so excited to sit in the traffic that I looked forward to it. I was there for a few days and no matter where I went I got into traffic. I couldn’t imagine living in LA and trying to meet someone at a certain time. It is all guess work when it comes to LA traffic. The street signs are also an interesting site to see. Because of the number of cars on the road and the amount of traffic the city suffer with, nearly every street sign is practically black with soot from cars’ exhaust. The city is not clean, either, and the traffic does not help that by any means.

So if you live in any one of these cities, I don’t envy your drive to work. I live ten minutes from my office and I get bored driving in every morning. Traffic for me is waiting at a stop light for a few minutes. So lay off the horn and know that everyone is trying to get to the same place you are.