Modern Day Wedding Trends

Modern Day Wedding TrendsWeddings are popping up all around me right now. I have been to a ton of weddings this year, and it seems like all of my friends are tying the knot this year. While I am not married myself, I still know how a typical wedding works. Not just the day you say, “I do,” but the entire process from buying the ring to popping the question to walking down the aisle. Even to the honeymoon and the thrill of living together. (Note that I already live with my girlfriend so I would be able to skip that part if we ever got married.)

Recently I read an article on the top ten wedding trends that must be stopped. I wanted to talk on each one of these elements as someone who has not been married and why I agree that most, if not all, of these trends must cease. (Note that if I ever do get married it will be in a far away place where I can kiss my bride to be on the beach at sunset wearing flip flops.)

Goofy “Photo Booth” Photo Shoots

I must admit that I have done this. But I didn’t do it as a groom. I remember walking through some random mall in some random city on some random weekend getaway when Sheryl and I spotted one of these cheesy photo booths. We decided to jump in and see what would come of it. We had a few where we were kissing, one where she had her eyes open the whole time, a few where we smiled bright, and a couple that were silly and just plain fun. But if you are about to get married, unless you are trying to have fun with the wedding (which might be the whole point anyway) then skip the cheesy photo booth shots and hire a real photographer.

Do you really need all of that plastic surgery?

There are so many brides out there getting pre-marriage plastic surgery. Of course, I am not a woman so I can’t speak for one, but I am sure the mentality is that this is her day and she needs to look her best. But if the guy that is standing beside you asked you to marry him before the surgery, then I bet he didn’t want you to get a plastic surgery. Of course, some plastic surgery is necessary. But unless you are the victim of some horrendous accident or have suffered through some sort of life changing illness, skip the surgery and focus on your future.

Wearing a Strapless Dress

I am not sure why this is considered a faux pas. I love strapless dresses. Especially if the lady wearing them has taken into consideration her tan lines. Of course, the signature wedding gown does have straps, so if you are trying to be traditional with it, make sure you include the straps. But if you are trying to go modern then leave off the straps. But don’t do the trashy tan lines and for the love of God please don’t wear a bra. And no, you are not allowed to wear a bra that has “invisible” straps. Guess what, they are not invisible. We can still see them.

Sporting the Veil

This was cool… fifty years ago. Sure, there are women that can still sport the veil, but it is not a modern trend by any means. I almost think of the veil as something you wear to a funeral, not a wedding. I want to see my bride. I don’t want her hiding behind some piece of fabric.

3D Videos & Photography

People will spend thousands of dollars on their photographer. Some might even go the extra bit and spend a few hundred on someone to shoot video of the event. But please, under no circumstance, leave the photographer or the videographer with total creative freedom. No matter how much you have researched the photographer, there is only one chance to get this right. So make sure you get it right the first time and plan out how these shots will take place. Have some fun with it, but leave the 3D effects at home.

Back to the Photos

Facebook is allowing us all to see pretty much every newlywed’s photo album. And every gallery I look through has the same images in them. The girls will have shots where they are getting dressed or putting on their makeup. The guys will have some where they are in sunglasses or with their arms crossed acting too cool for school. But one that has been making a lot of noise in the wedding world is the “jump” shot. As tempting as it might be to have everyone in your wedding party jump for a photo, try to resist. Focus on the chapel, the dress, and the people that are joining for your special day.

A “Unique” Wedding Day Drink

As much as I drink you might think I would be in support of this. And I’m not saying if I ever get married there won’t be one at my wedding. But a trend that is making some noise is the “signature wedding drink”. This is a drink that is served at either the rehearsal dinner or the reception and is selected by the couple getting married. It usually tends to be some random martini or some specialty beer that is hard to get. If you do this be creative. For instance, Sheryl and I are making our own beer right now. One idea might be to make a batch that is specific for the wedding and only give a bottle to those who attend. But don’t make some random tutti frutti drink and think you are being original.

Green Weddings

The entire country is obsessed with this notion of going green. From grocery stores to wineries, everyone is going green. There is even a cemetery here in Indianapolis that is offering a green burial. I don’t support it. There is nothing I can do, or you and I together can do, to save our environment. We are growing as a nation and we are getting lazier and lazier. Sure, it is a cool concept to recycle your tin cans or your plastic bags. But in the end, nothing will change enough for us to notice a difference. So if you are getting married, and you are the type of couple that recycles, save the green talk for after the wedding. Try to stay focused on what is important.

Releasing the Birds (Or Butterflies)

I have been to several weddings where they give you a bird or a butterfly. The idea is that rather than throwing rice, which is really fun to do, when the bride and groom walk but you release a bird or a butterfly into the wild. It is supposed to symbolize freedom or the release of these two into a journey together. Regardless, it is just more fun to throw rice.

Miniature Hats for the Ladies

Have you seen these? I am not saying it cant be pulled off, but think about it for a second. What point are you trying to prove by ticking a miniature hat on top of your head? I have looked and looked and I can’t figure out what the point of these little things is. But if you are invited to a wedding and you show up to find the bride sporting one of these, leave immediately.

Like I said, some of these will more than likely find their way into my wedding if I ever decide to walk down the aisle. But for all of you out there going to a different wedding every weekend (and I know who you are, I see you on Facebook), try to stay away from weddings that are featuring some of these trends. And if you are planning a wedding—just the same, try to be original and enjoy the best day of your life.