Sinclair Wheeler is Back & Better than Ever

Sinclair Wheeler is Back & Better than EverEarlier this year my girlfriend and I headed down the the Indiana State Fairgrounds for the 2010 Indiana State Fair. While walking through the midway and chomping on pounds of deep freid goodies, I ran into a long time friend of mine Sinclair Wheeler. He was wearing glasses, and I barely recognized him at first. But as my sweetie stood in line waiting for another snack, he and I caught up. Since I last saw Sinclair he has moved to Chicago, Illinois, has worked on and produced a new disc, and has been on the road in support of his new album. Based on what I can see, Sinclair is doing better now than he was when he was living in the Circle City.

This interview is pretty special for me. I remember sitting at Panera Bread right here in the Indianapolis area the first time I worked with Sinclair. We chatted until they kicked us out and I posted his first interview early on here on Since then I have written tons of interviews with bands all over the world. But in all the time I have been writing these interview no one artist has been featured on my website more than once. Until now! It is my pleasure to bring you the second helping of Sinclair Wheeler. If his personality doesn’t get you, his talents on stage will. This kid might be the hardest working man in show businesses, but at the end of the day not only does he remember your name, he knows what you like to drink and can talk for hours about nothing at all. I am glad that I met Sinclair, and I am glad that he is back here on the website to share his updated story with us all. So, without further adieu, Sinclair Wheeler.

What is this I hear about you moving to Chicago? What happened man, I thought you loved Indianapolis?

LOVE Indianapolis! That’s my hometown, that’s where my heart is. I’ll never be too far away. However, the time came for me to make a move. Chicago is the hub of the Midwest! Within three months up here I was completely engaged with music on all levels, and seeing my career move faster than it EVER has!

Tell me a little bit more about this new album. And where did The Flood come from? Who are all those guys?

The Flood is no more,  actually, I was playing with a seven piece band called The Pocket Machine for the past year and a half.  That was SUCH  a great band. We were covering everything from James Brown, to Jay Z. AWESOME! But again, it was time for a change.  Four years ago I made the decision to chase music as hard and as fast as I can, and unfortunately, not everyone can be on that agenda. I watered it down. I’m touring with DJ Wushu, one of the best I’ve ever seen live, and Evan Bernardin, the drummer of my past band The Pocket Machine.

This summer when I ran into you at the Indiana State Fair you showed just as much intensity toward your music as you did the day I met you. How do you continue to stay so motivated in what you do?

This is my life! You have to be dedicated and motivated on whatever you are doing.  The feeling is only become more intense, and the dream is becoming more real.

A new disc is not all you are announcing. You are also going on tour. Where all are you going on this tour?

We are hitting the Midwest. Champaign, Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana and then back home to Chicago.

Are you packing up a van or do you have a big tour bus now? Surely you have landed a record deal. Your work is too good to not be on a major.

(Laughs) Thanks Ricky! It’s funny actually. I just got off tour with Sam Adams. We were in eight cities in ten days touring on a 40 foot tour bus! So amazing, this time around though, back to grassroots! (Laughs) We got the SUV packed to the brim, and that will be our mode of transportation!

Your tag line, “Live Music. Live People,” might be the best way to describe you and your music. You are incredible live. Out of all the shows I have ever seen you might have poured more passion onto that stage than anyone. How do you continue to push that sort of energy out every single night?

All that is uncontrollable. It’s this high that keeps giving. I wake up every day and basically count the hours until I can get back on a stage and rock! I was born to do this, and as the stages and crowds get bigger it only reaffirms that this is for me.

Some of your tour dates feature Big Sean. He is on Kanye’s label if I am not mistaken. Are you trying to tell us something here? You going to be opening for Kanye soon?

Big Sean! He is on G.O.O.D. Music (that is actually Kanye West’s label). He is a good guy. I got a chance to kick it with him last time he was in Bloomington for a in-store appearance at Dope Couture.  I love his music, and his whole camp. They are doing MAJOR things! But if there was ONE label I would want to be on, it probably would be G.O.O.D. Music. GOOD music, which stands for Getting Out Our Dreams, makes sense right? If I could get in the studio with Mr. West, I already know there would be instant magic.

I was out of town for your mix tape release party. And that mix tape release party was right here in Indianapolis over at Rock Lobster. That show has to have some special meaning to you being in Indy.

YES! This was one the of the most important shows I’ve had in my career. It was like my homecoming. I moved to Chicago and have been all across the Midwest these past few months, and now I can come back home and say, “HERE! This is where I’m at right now.” I got so much love for my city, and they have always had so much love for me.  The line-up that I had was AMAZING! It’s dance music, it’s party music,  there are grooves for the girls, and jump-offs for the party animals. And everywhere in between!

I asked you this before, and that answer has now obviously changed. But where do you see yourself in five years?

I actually just went and referred to our last interview which was YEARS ago, to see where my head was at then. It was a pretty general answer, which is good. I’m still on that path. In five years now, however, I see me touring this country, with a strong, positive camp bringing good music to A LOT of people.

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