Diving with Scuba Diving International

Diving with Scuba Diving InternationalAs I begin my career as a scuba diver, I am taking in all the advice that I can get. From watching videos on YouTube to reading material from the library and listening to every word my instructor says, I am ready to learn. But why dive? I have my reasons for wanting to learn, but Scuba Diving International has their own list. Below you will find the top 10 reasons why SDI says you should dive. Don’t take my word for it; I am already breathing under water.

1. One-Stop Education Solution

Scuba Diving International has its roots deep in advanced diving. It was created by professional educators who know what it takes to educate qualified divers at all levels. Technical Diving International is the largest technical agency in the world. It was the launch pad for SDI and Emergency Response Diving International, which is the first global training agency for public safety divers. You will never outgrow the training opportunities offered by Scuba Diving International and its family of agencies.

2. Your Complete Sport Diving Solution

Training with Scuba Diving International gives you lots of options for personal development. Following your first scuba course, Open Water Diver certification, there are literally dozens of continuing education opportunities. These courses prepare you to have safe fun diving your local waters or in oceans worldwide. In addition, SDI offers an easy to follow educational system for personal development, and a proven pathway to dive leadership should you desire a career as a dive professional. Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, and Open Water Instructor are among professional level courses offered.

3. Global Recognition

Scuba Diving International certifications are recognized worldwide. We have more than twenty-eight international offices and thousands of SDI training facilities and instructors around the world. In addition, we are members of World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC), Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC USA, Canada and Europe, and SDI programs are approved by the European Underwater Federation (EUF). The certifications you earn with SDI will be accepted by dive stores, charter operators, and dive destinations anywhere your adventure may take you.

4. Innovative Education

From day one of your Scuba Diving International experience you will notice that you are plugged into the most innovative educational system in the diving industry worldwide. Scuba Diving International was:

  • First to make online open water training mainstream.
  • First to present online specialties such as wreck, computer, nitrox, deep and navigation.
  • First and only insured sport-level SoloDiver program.
  • First to release kid’s diving programs.
  • First to allow you to teach “as they dive” permitting students to learn to dive utilizing a personal dive computer (PDC).

5. Quality Instruction

Experienced divers know that the quality of their instructor makes a different in the quality of their instruction. Scuba Diving International’s cadre of Open Water and Specialty instructors are among the leaders in the sport diving industry. Many also teach technical programs through TDI. With SDI you are assured that your well-being and education are in the hands of a dedicated professional who has worked through a rigorous training system to earn coveted status as an SDI instructor.

6. VIP Service… By Design

Scuba Diving International training facilities have built their reputation on putting extra effort into customer service. You are more than a number. So when you have a question about diving or dive travel, they are here to help you. After all, customer service is a big part of a facility earning the coveted 5 Star Rating, synonymous with excellence. When you become an SDI diver, you join our team of Associate Members and we’re always ready to help.

E-Fluent People

Scuba Diving International is an e-friendly organization. We are the world leader in convenient online diver training for open water and specialties like nitrox, wreck, deep and navigation… with more coming. The SDI boutique gear is also available directly from our online store, and will have you looking like an “old-salt” in no time. And there is a diver survey section that you use to speak directly to headquarter staff anytime.

8. Communicating with You

Scuba Diving International uses new technologies and new media to speak with divers like you. As an Associate Member of SDI you can opt into our Dive Log electronic newsletter, receive a complimentary issue of our award-winning glossy magazine, Diving Adventure, or subscribe at deep discounts and you can interact with Headquarters staff instructors on various Internet dive forums such as ScubaBoard.

9. Flexible Programs

With Scuba Diving International you are part of an organization that is making diving more accessible. For example, our Scubuility program opens up the adventure of diving to the challenged.

10. Jump In!

Scuba Diving International is the fastest growing training agency in the world because people like you demand the best in underwater education and the greatest level of access to materials. Join the leader in innovation, fun, and progressive training.

I am glad that my certification adheres to all of these SDI standards. Are you a diver? Are you SDI certified?