Fine Dining at the Four Seasons Las Colinas

Dining at the Four Seasons Las ColinasEarlier this year I spoke in Dallas at the 2010 Fall AMF Golf Management Services Summit. I was there speaking on social media and online branding opportunities for not only the AMF staff, but also the members of the AMF. Note that the AMF is filled with teaching professionals all trying to get more lessons and to sell their latest products. It is a struggle to get these busy bodies on board with social media.

Regardless, the summit was at the Four Season in Las Colinas. We also stayed on property and had the chance to eat in a few of the restaurants on site. When we first checked in and made our way to our rooms, I found a simple guide on my bed that said, “Delicious: A Guide to Resort Dining and Refreshments”. This small guide would tell me all I needed to know about eating on property at the Four Seasons.

From the moment we got out of our car we were treated like royalty. They literally rolled out the red carpet for us at the Four Seasons. And while there we had the chance to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner thanks to the incredible catering staff on hand. Food was prepared for us and we would stand in buffet-style lines grabbing plates full of food.

On site there are three restaurants for you to enjoy, each offering a unique experience.

Café on the Green

This place was simple, clean, and straightforward. If you wanted some American cuisine, then this is where you should go. The view is also spectacular if you get a chance to enjoy this place during the day. While enjoying the fare here, you can choose from Texas prime beer, fresh daily seafood specials, and a ton of locally-grown produce. They also have two private dining rooms if you wish for a little more privacy to your meal.

One thing I was impressed with was the wine list. They have tons of great wines, and most have won numerous awards. You are allowed to select each of these wines by the bottle or by the glass, which is nice if you want to try a few styles. Another cool thing they offer is a show kitchen allowing you to see everything going on behind the scenes. Some people don’t like this style of kitchen, but it makes me feel at ease when the chef knows I can see his or her every move.

Besides your typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can also enjoy your afternoon tea or a Sunday brunch at the Café on the Green. This is located just outside the main lobby and will always feature some of the best menu options you can imagine. If you stay at the Four Seasons then you have to have at least one meal here.

Terrace Lounge

This is not a place you come for a full meal, rather a snack and a drink. The setting is much more elegant and is a place where you can come to gather and to celebrate your successes in life.

This spot offers a ton of great cocktails and aperitifs. There are also comfy couches and intimate tables for two available for you and your dinner date. The intimacy that is created is irreplaceable and the ambiance is something you can’t repeat anywhere else on property. The place is not open all day, only for afternoon and evening light meals. Again, this is not a spot you come for a full-fledged meal, so don’t come with those expectations.

Another cool thing that the Terrace Lounge offers is live music. Granted, the live music is only on the weekends, but most of us will be staying at a hotel like this over a weekend at some point. It adds another layer of enjoyment to an already unbeatable experience.

Bar 19

Now you are talking. Golfers all know of the 19th hole. Better yet, the bar after you have finished your 18 holes of golf. Of course, if you play a course like Forest Dunes Golf Club in Roscommon, Michigan, they actually have a 19th hole. That hole is designed to settle bets, says the head professional Donny Fisher.

Here at the Four Seasons, sneak in to the Bar 19 for a drink and let your worries drift away. This place is just what you need after a long day, offering a wide range of comfy seating and an extensive list of beers including both domestic selections and imports. You can even play shuffleboard or billiards if you choose.

What I liked about Bar 19 was the outdoor patio. The weather is pretty much perfect year round here in Dallas, and you can sit outside with a great view of the pool and the poolside vistas. While I only had some appetizers here at Bar 19, you should definitely try the sliders. These little suckers are packed with flavor, and rather than putting the tomatoes and the pickle on the burger itself, they stack it high on the top of the bun for presentation purposes. Also grab an order of the crab cakes. You won’t be sorry.

As you can see, there are many choices when it comes to your meals here at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas. We only had the chance to try a couple of these, but the next time I am in Dallas I intend to not only stay at the same property, but I intended to enjoy each one of these establishments again. As with the rest of the staff who rolled out the red carpet, the wait staff at each one of these restaurants is spotless. You will never have to worry about a glass going empty, as there is always someone ready to serve you.

Have you stayed at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas? Did you have a chance to try out any of these restaurants while on property?