Walking Out with Pearly White Smiles

Walking Out with Pearly White SmilesA few weeks ago I received a coupon in the mail for a free new patient exam and a free teeth whitening. (That coupon actually gave me a choice for a free one-time whitening or whitening for life for $99. I was going to pick the one-time whitening since it was free.) I called up to make my appointment not to miss out on this great deal. The coupon expired the first week of December so I had to hurry and make my appointment. I made the appointment, and walked into the dentist office with the intent of spending around $55. That was not the case. I ended up walking away with a bill well over $1,000. It’s not their fault though, I am the one responsible for my own teeth.

When I first walked in I was impressed with the facility. It was clean, the staff was prompt and knew what they were doing, and everyone seemed to be at ease walking around the office. I filled out all my paperwork and waited for my name to be called. Eventually I was introduced to Jamie. She was nice, we chatted while she took my x-rays, and we eventually played twenty questions while I asked her all sorts of stuff about my teeth. You see, I had not been to the dentist for quite some time; I don’t make a habit out of getting my teeth cleaned. It had actually been two or three years since my last visit and I wanted to make sure I was abreast on all the latest in dental technology. (Speaking of technology, I got a text message from my dentist yesterday reminding me of my appointment and today an hour before asking me to confirm. Talk about being ahead of the curve.)

Before long she was yelling at me for not flossing. (I don’t mean that she was actually yelling, just so we are clear. Her and I actually hit it off, and I will be requesting her the next time I go in.) I told her, “I don’t and I won’t floss. Just not something I do.” Well, after a few minutes of lecture and a deep cleanse, she had me changing my tune. I have four cavities. Oh yeah, and my gums are inflamed. Not that flossing is to blame, but I am sure it couldn’t hurt. So while I sat there in the dentist chair listening to all of the procedures that we would have to do over the next couple of months, I just kept thinking about my brushing habits.

I brush my teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. I also use mouthwash every day after lunch and right before I hit the sack. But apparently that is not enough. I also have to floss. I will be going back to the dentist in a few weeks for a followup cleaning to the one I had today. (The one I had today was not all that enjoyable. She used a high pressure stream of water to actually clean under the gums. Not painful really, just uncomfortable.) Then later on I will be going back for a Teeth Whitening by Zoom!. That was the main reason I went to the dentist in the first place. I want whiter teeth! I told the lady behind the counter that I wanted “model white” teeth. She laughed.

Regardless, I deserve everything that happened to me today in that chair. I don’t floss, and I was almost to the point of bragging about it when she asked me. I guess I have to change my routine. She did say that my bone structure was great, so that’s a plus.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies at Pearly White Smiles in Fishers for making my day complete and letting me leave with a clean (better yet cleaner) mouth. I will see you all real soon! Have you ever had a cavity? What’s it like when they fill it? Does it hurt? I am brand new to this, so I have no idea what to expect!