Watching Nip/Tuck Come to an End

Tell Me What You Don't Like About YourselfWhen a show comes to an end, especially a show that I love to watch, I am always a little sad. I have the tendency to watch shows that are already finished, that way I can watch the entire series in a short amount of time. For instance, when I watched Six Feet Under (maybe one of the best shows I have ever seen), I watched the entire series in a weekend. I cried my eyes out when that show ended.

Recently I have been making my way through Rescue Me, which is not slated to end until the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. I watch Whale Wars. I watch Treasure Quest. I have been watching Family Guy and American Dad. But one show that I started watching and was absolutely hooked on was Nip/Tuck.

Nip/Tuck is an incredible television show about two plastic surgeons and their battles as best friends and business partners. From the very beginning, you see the love these two men have for each other, in a totally platonic manner. They are just best friends and would do anything for each other. As the six seasons progress, you see that in nearly every episode.

The show itself is slow in some parts, and is quite unrealistic. Just because you are a doctor does not mean you are above the law. But through the six seasons, you become addicted to the lives of these two men. There are also stories involving their children, lovers, and employees. For instance (and not to spoil anything if you ever decide to watch this show), Matt is Sean’s son. But somewhere along the line, you learn that Matt is actually Christian’s son, but it was kept a secret for many years. This is just one example of the drama these families go through.

The reason why I like Christian is for his style. Not his attitude, as most people would probably consider him an absolute douchebag, but for his demeanor and his sense of fashion. He dresses like a model right out of GQ. Christian Troy is played by Julian McMahon, and is originally from New South Wales, Australia. His father was a politician and a future Prime Minister of Australia. This all plays into the way he behaves on the show with an untouchable attitude. Most critics best describe him as a womanizing pompous asshole.

Anyway, the show covers six seasons and brings you drama you are glad is left on the TV screen in nearly every episode. In the six seasons, you are witness to exactly 100 episodes and experience love, hate, sadness, and remorse. But when the show came to an end, I was shocked at how it ended.

While watching Six Feet Under, I was impressed with the way the story continued on from week to week. Or for me, from episode to episode. But for Nip/Tuck there really was no progression. These guys were plastic surgeons operating and sleeping with everyone they could get their hands on. There was no substance to their lives. Debt was always an issue, but they were always wearing the nicest clothes and driving the newest cars and eating at the nicest restaurants.

By the time you reach season six, nothing has really changed. Even the last few episodes are just like any other. But when I started the last episode, I figured it would simply be a recap and offer me some sort of conclusion. It didn’t and I was left upset and wanting more. The show wasn’t cancelled (from what I can tell) but the ending seemed rushed and simply forced on the audience.

I wish more shows would end like Six Feet Under did. I watched 100 episodes of Nip/Tuck and all I wanted was one more episode. The drama was enough to keep me entertained, but I don’t see how they can end a show that ran this long and end it the way they did. Nothing I can do now but be upset, I guess.

I highly recommend this show. The show is quite intense, and actually got a lot of attention early on by the Parents Television Council (PTC), and for good reason. There are a ton of sex scenes (never showing any actual nudity), lots of blood on the operating table, and they use a lot of foul language. This show probably would have been better suited for HBO or another premium cable channel.

Did you watch the series? What did you think of the ending?