Fogo de Chao: Unlimited Salad & Steak Buffet

Fogo de Chao: More than an Unlimited BuffetThere is no question I love to eat. Give me a salad, a bowl of cereal, a plate of green beans, a Chinese buffet… I don’t care. Food is great and by the looks of my belly it’s obvious I eat too much of it. But body weight aside, I wanted to talk a little bit about one of the best creations of our generation as it relates to dining out. The Brazilian steakhouse is not just a steakhouse, but an all you can eat buffet of beef. The gauchos will walk around and provide you with a never-ending selection of beef and chicken. We have one of them right here in the Circle City, Fogo de Chao.

There are others, but this is one of the most popular ones. On a recent trip to Las Vegas we ate at one called Texas De Brazil. Same thing, different name. There is also Amazonia, which we enjoyed while on a recent trip to Aruba. They are all the same thing, just with a different menu and some variety in the selection of meats. Regardless, you start with a huge salad bar and at your leisure you can signal for the gauchos to start slicing you off selections of beef, pork, and chicken. Don’t waste too much time on the salad bar though. The meat is what brought you here. However, if you are a vegetarian, all of these places offer deep discounts for those who only want to enjoy the salad bar. But if you are excited for the beef, there are fifteen types of meat you can choose from.

Different Cuts of Meat

Picanah – One of the most popular cuts, this prime part of the sirloin is served seasoned with sea salt or flavored with garlic.

Filet Mignon – This succulent piece of meat is cut from the tenderloin and seasoned to perfection. Also served wrapped in bacon.

Alcatra – Cut from the top sirloin, this piece of meat is tender and full of flavor.

Fraldinha – Cut from the bottom of the sirloin and seasoned to perfection.

Beef Ancho – The prime part of the rib eye, beef ancho celebrates the rich flavor and the delectable texture of the elite cut.

Corderio – Fresh young leg of lamb sliced off the bone. Also served as chops.

Lombo – From the pork loin to the tender filets, this cut is encrusted with Parmesan cheese and sizzling with flavor.

Costela de Poreo – Tender pork ribs slow roasted to perfection.

Frango – A variety of cuts, including tender chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and chicken legs.

Linguica – These robust pork sausages are seasoned and slow roasted to mouthwatering perfection.

As you can see there are plenty of things to choose from. And the salad bar – as weak as it is compared to the other foods on the endless meat buffet – there are selections of salmon, prosciutto (one of my favorite meats on the planet, especially when wrapped around a nice piece of asparagus), and a wide range of cheeses and exotic vegetables. I guarantee that you don’t leave hungry.

On a side note, if you go for lunch, your meal will be much cheaper. But be warned, lunch has a time limit. You only get three hours to enjoy this buffet, so if you do go for lunch, make sure to get there early. But if not, and you are going for dinner you can expect to spend around $150 for you and a guest. Also note that soft drinks do not offer free refills, and the gratuity is not included. (If you do get the chance to eat at Amazonia in Aruba, your gratuity of 15% will in fact be added to your bill.) But the service is spotless, the atmosphere is incredible, and the food is some of the best around. If you have not been, you must give it a try.

On another side note, in Indianapolis twice a year the city holds Devour Downtown, an excuse to try some of the best food and some of the most expensive restaurants in the city. You can go in and enjoy Fogo de Chao, for example, for $30 a person, which includes a dessert valued at around $10. It is one of the best deals out of all the Devour Downtown restaurants and quite possible the best tasting meal you can get anywhere in the Circle City. Trust me, go try it out. You wont be sorry.

Have you been to Fogo de Chao before? What was your favorite cut of meat?