Free Wi-Fi Thanks to Google Chrome

Free Wi-Fi Thanks to Google ChromeWe are headed to Aruba. Thanks to Google we have in-flight Wi-Fi. This holiday season through January 2nd, Google is providing in-flight wireless Internet to all passengers. This service is provided by and sponsored by Google Chrome, Google’s web browser.

As we reached 10,000 feet after leaving the Indianapolis International Airport, we turned on our success and had blazing speeds as we reached our cruising altitude of 39,000 feet. Granted, our flight to Atlanta was only an hour long, but it gave us a taste.

Free wireless Internet is expected these days and you can find it almost anywhere you go. Starbucks offers it, as does Panera Bread. Even McDonald’s has jumped on the bandwagon. No matter where I go, whether at home, work, or elsewhere I am never too far from free access. But when on an airplane, not all flights even offer access to the World Wide Web, and it’s not free. The rate depends on your length of your flight. Most domestic flights charge $9.99.

I can imagine being on a longer flight, say from LA to Paris, and having access. I could watch movies on Netflix, post tweets on Twitter, update my status on Facebook, and read the news as it happens on the BBC. All I can hope is that this holiday promotion is a sign of free Wi-Fi to come on all flights, both domestic and international.

Have you used wireless Internet access while in flight? If so, what did you think of this service?

Please note that if you don’t have free access on your flight, before you take off, search Google (funny how that works) for access codes. If you can’t find an access code you will find significant discounts. Also note that all first time users are free for his or her first flight. Have fun, and happy surfing!