Robert Babicz Releases Pink Trees

Robert Babicz Releases Pink TreesWith a music career already spanning nearly two decades, comprising five albums and multiple singles, some could think that Robert Babicz would be ready to settle down for a quiet life, however, nothing could be further from the truth. He continues to reveal his talent and skill as one of Europe’s most essential techno producers with every release.

Having released his first single on a UK label since November 1990 when his Welcome To The 90’s track featured as part of the recent Bedrock 12 album project, he now returns with a brand-new totally essential double-header to round off what has been a year of superb releases for John Digweed’s Bedrock label.

From his techno output as Rob Acid in the early ‘90s to his stunning productions of today, Robert Babicz has always been a much revered and highly talented figure in the German electronic scene. As the trend for cool, melodic tech exploded in recent years with Booka Shade and the like, Babicz has found himself an increasingly sought-after force. Thanks to Joris Voorn’s stunning remix of his track Dark Flower in 2008, and his own attention to detail, love of strong melody and skill with a sexy groove, it’s hardly surprising that he is at the top of his game. Tie all this together with unrivalled skill and production techniques, an astonishingly well-trained mastering ear, and an ability to bridge the gaps between funk, groove, audio experimentation and atmosphere, and you have a master at work.

Straight out of Cologne in 1993, under the pseudonym Rob Acid, Babicz released his first single Happy Answer on London Records, which unexpectedly became a huge club hit. With the rise of acid house influenced records dominating the charts, Babicz was able to ride high on this new wave of club culture. In addition to becoming an in demand live performer using one of his other name, Acid Warrior, Babicz started to release singles on high profile imprints like Kompakt, Treibstoff and Steve Bug’s Audiomatique, as well as his own label, Junkfood.

In what he appropriately dubs “the rave years” in the mid-nineties, Babicz was already playing all over the world. During this time he teamed up with Mate Galic and psychedelic sonic experiences of every kind followed, which Babicz says came as a result of “excessive sound-research and absurd parties… transistor radio and porn films on big screen”. His affiliation with Force Inc. a few years later brought a series of more experimental, less dancefloor-orientated works, which suggested his theoretical musique concrete roots.

By the turn of the new millennium, Babicz was striving for a different sound and thus began a new label, Shortcut. At the same time, he received multiple requests for sound design from hard and software producers, most notably resulting in the presets he produced for Native Instruments. In 2007 Robert released his landmark record, A Cheerful Temper, on Systematic Recordings, which expertly moved between electronica, techno, minimal and classic house.

Playing live has always been a key feature of Babicz’s authentic musicianship; improvising instead of reeling off pre-determined sets has made his celebrated shows unquestionably unique events. He consistently delivers astonishing performances of his own productions built around warm melodies, blissed-out atmospherics & analogue bass – sometimes jacking, but mostly tripping and always around the foundations of his first love: techno. Consequently, Babicz has more than proven his worth in the world of dance music and his right to the title of pioneer and innovator, whether producing tech house, minimal or acid techno.