Out to Dinner with the Schmucks

Out to Dinner with the SchmucksThis movie starts out with a man… a man dressing mice. Stay with me, it does get better. Well, sort of.

So as the man stands here dressing and arranging these mice, I tell Sheryl, “I hope they never explain this. I want this movie to end and never explain these mice.” Sure enough, the movie starts, and for a good forty-five minutes you have no idea what these mice are all about. It eventually comes into play, and plays a major part in this film, but still a weird way to start a movie.

This movie features some pretty big names such as Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis, and Jemaine Clement from the HBO series Flight of the Concords. The acting is good, but there are a handful of scenes that are just completely ridiculous.

The idea behind this film is simple. Tim, played by Paul Rudd, is trying to get a much-needed promotion. Before he lands the job, he must partake in a “party” where all the big wigs get together. The concept of this party is to bring one “guest”. These guests must have special talents; basically they must be idiots.

Tim finds his guest of honor by literally running him over with his car. Here come the mice. Barry, played by Steve Carell, works for the IRS, and his hobby is to build scenes from our history with dead mice. I know, it’s weird, but hey, he’s a nice guy.

Barry eventually ruins Tim’s relationship, and there is a lot of drama there. But the overall moral of this story is doing the right thing. Even though Barry is an idiot, Tim realizes he is a nice guy and all he is trying to do is be a friend. I know people like this, heck some of my best friends are like this. That’s why I love them and what makes them interesting.

The movie is decent, and I gave it 3/5 stars for all the good one-liners. I was laughing out loud at a lot of Barry’s commentary. I wouldn’t watch it again, and I would suggest that you watch it with a room full of friends.

This film did make me look at dead mice in a whole new light.