More About Indiana State Museum Memberships

More About Indiana State Museum MembershipsIf you have not been to the Indiana State Museum lately, do yourself a favor and head downtown. They have a ton of new exhibitions on display, and while the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition has come and gone, there is sure to be a new, even more enjoyable exhibit to take its place.

While working with the Indiana State Museum and Premier Exhibitions, I started thinking about folks who travel to the museum often. Heck, we go to the IMAX theater a few times a year at least. Now that the theater is validating parking, we might be going there more often.

If you do choose to visit the Indiana State Museum often, you might want to consider a membership. I was excited to learn about all of the different memberships they had available. Below I talk briefly about each one.

Individual – $39

This membership is for one named individual. Basic benefits include free admission, free subscriptions to Indiana State Museum publications, 10% discount at the gift shop, IMAX discounts, members-only events and even discounts on selected programs. This membership also includes a *Museum Bucks certificate.

So if you are in the market for a single membership and perhaps your significant other doesn’t enjoy museums as much as you do, this might be your best bet.

Individual Premier – $49

For ten more bucks you can purchase the individual premier membership. This is good for one named member and one guest. All basic benefits listed above are included in this membership, plus you can bring a different guest each time you visit the museum! You will still receive one Museum Bucks certificate.

Family – $59

This is a great deal. This membership is for two named individuals, as well as all of their dependant children below the age of twenty-one. This membership includes all of the benefits listed above, and two Museum Bucks certificates. This is a great value if you and your spouse are looking to enjoy the museum a few times a year.

Grandparent – $59

This membership is for two named adults and all the grandchildren below the age of twenty-one. This includes all of the benefits above, as well as two Museum Bucks certificates.

Come on, we can’t forget grandma and grandpa!

Patron – $100

This is the mother load when it comes to the Indiana State Museum. With this membership you get two named adults, two guests and all dependent children and grandchildren under the age of twenty-one. All basic benefits are included here, and you are allowed to bring two different guests each time you visit the museum. With this membership, you will receive four Museum Bucks certificates.

If you have a large family, this is definitely the way to go.

As you can see, there are a ton of different membership options. Surely there is a membership that fits your needs. Please note that all of these memberships include free admission for one full year. This is truly the best way to have the most freedom while roaming the halls of the Indiana State Museum.

*Museum Bucks can be used anywhere in the museum. Each certificate is worth $7 and can be spent in the gift shop, at any of the restaurants on site, for IMAX tickets and concessions, or even toward additional museum ticket memberships.

**Your membership at the Indiana State Museum Foundation, the 501c3 not-for-profit organization that supports the museum, entitles you to these membership benefits.