Digiorno’s Pizza & Cookie Combo Box

Digiorno’s Pizza & Cookie Combo BoxPizza is great. Whether I order a slice from Pizza Hut or I get a whole pie from Papa John’s, I love the taste of pizza. There is just something about the thickness of the dough, the sweetness of the sauce, the juiciness of the toppings, and the smell of the melting cheeses on top. I have not met a slice of pizza that I didn’t like.

If I’m not in the mood to spend a ton of money on a pizza from one of the major pizza producers, I will swing by Target or Walmart and buy a frozen pizza. I did recently try to make my own pizza, at home, and it didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. I will just save that for the professionals.

Over the last few years, manufactures have been adding a little more value to the frozen pizzas. What goes great with a good frozen pie? How about breadsticks? When Digiorno’s started adding a side of breadsticks, the world rejoiced.

But they have taken this one step further. Breadsticks just aren’t enough. Now they are selling a side of chocolate chip cookies with a frozen pizza.

The cookie dough is courtesy of Nestle Toll House, and right now all that has been planned is chocolate chip. But I can see a wide range of cookie dough coming soon.

So the next time I go to the grocery store, and pick up my dinner, I might have to grab a side of cookie dough as well. What’s next for the future of frozen pizza? Maybe some wings would be nice. Before too long they will just serve up the entire buffet line in every box.

What is your favorite frozen pizza? What toppings do you like best?