Top 5 iPhone Fitness Apps

Top 5 iPhone Fitness AppsWorking out sucks. I hate it. I hate the whole concept of getting dressed, going to the gym, and having no idea what to do when I get there. But thanks to my iPhone, and the iTunes app store, there are a few ways to help get me motivated. Please note that I don’t pay for applications, so only two of these have I tried myself. But I did do some research on them so that I could adequately speak on their performance. As a matter of fact, this list was taken from an in-flight magazine. But don’t be alarmed, I did ample research on each application before writing this. That list just gave me the list to get things rolling!

5. Podrunner – Free

This app features free exercise music mixes for all you runners, joggers, power walkers, walkers, cyclists, or just about anyone who finds himself or herself in the gym. I just usually end up on the treadmill anyway. This is non-stop fixed-tempo music while you trained.

Granted, I use iTunes radio or some other free Internet radio station (like, but those have commercials and are not fixed-tempo. This app helps keep you in tune.

4. iMapMyRun – Free

That’s a pretty long name for an app, but it gets the point across. This app takes advantage of the GPS functionality by tracking distance, time, pace, and speed in real time! I couldn’t even do that by hand. This is a great tool for hitting the trails on foot, or even on bike. It tracks your walks, runs, rides, and more.

This app is fun to use as it shows you a ton of states. I love it that they took the GPS functionality for those of us who like to be outdoors. Sure, a treadmill can give you most of this information, but what if you wanted to hike a mountain? This app is great for that. And… it’s free!

3. Yoga STRETCH – $0.99

I don’t do yoga, but my favorite cousin does. She is really into it actually. This app is made for someone like her!

This app lets you “channel your inner yogi”. This is also the most popular and most downloaded yoga app on iTunes. This app will simulate poses by using illustrated silhouettes. You can even choose duration, music to go with it and even emulate the sound of an instructor’s voice.

This app also lets you customize up to five yoga routines for later use. You can even preload these onto your phone if you are on the go and need to put your session on hold. Must be some reason this app is the most popular yoga app! Plus, the screen shots are sweet.

2. iWorkout – $2.99

What a great name! This app is just like having your very own personal trainer. This app features instructional videos for cardio, core, free weight, and even machine workouts. There are also some stretch exercises for you to try, as well as Swiss ball workouts. This pretty much covers them all!

There is also a built in metronome to keep track of your timing and to help you keep on task with your repetitions. Plus, it has a sweet name. It’s not free, but it’s an all-in-one solution for those of us looking to get started in the gym.

1. Couch 2 5k – $2.99

I have quite a few buddies who have downloaded this application. It seems to be a trend to run in a marathon! This app is designed to get you literally from the couch to a 5k run in no time!

This app serves as a stopwatch… giving you something to look forward to. This app takes you through a nine-week program day-by-day, with voice prompts (again, your own little personal fitness coach in the palm of your hand), and helps you get motivated. You can even loop in your own playlist right from your phone to enjoy uninterrupted music.

This app will get you off the couch, if nothing else.

If you are looking to lose some weight, or just get up and to get active, then consider downloading one of these handy applications. They are available from the iTunes app store, and are just waiting for you to use! I have lost six pounds (and counting) and have not even started working out that much since my diet began. Maybe I will be running a 5k before long!