Eating a Cookie: How Do You Eat an Oreo?

Eating a Cookie: How Do You Eat an Oreo?There are so many different ways to eat a cookie… but how do you properly eat an Oreo? Oreo cookies are incredible, thanks to NabiscoWorld. Imagine… two cookies with a cream center. They are simply delicious. They are not on my, or any of our diets, but they are tasty.

NabiscoWorld has even gone outside the box in the past by taking the Oreo to a whole new level. For instance, right now they have the original Oreo… but also mint, golden, and peanut butter cream. They are just getting out of hand over there at Nabisco, but hey, they make a good cookie.

So what’s the proper way to eat an Oreo? Do I just throw it in my mouth and call it a day? Perhaps I twist the two layers apart, and lick the cream. Or so I dunk into a glass of milk and enjoy it that way? The beauty of it is… there is no right or wrong way to eat an Oreo.

I might be unique in the way I eat these delicious cookies. I take a tall glass of milk… slim milk of course. I then grab a stack of cookies and set them beside the glass. I take the first cookie, and toss it in. I leave that one for the end.

I then take the cookies, one at a time, and dip them until the cookie is just soggy enough that I can pull it out of the glass and enjoy the mushy goodness. I repeat with what’s left over, and never have to hear a crunch when I bite down. The cookie just melts in my mouth.

That is how I eat an Oreo… but I want to know how YOU eat an Oreo. These cookies are delicious, but how do you eat an Oreo?