Download Norman Doray & Richard Grey – Champagne

Free Facebook Giveaway: Norman Doray & Richard Grey – ChampagneFresh from his stellar performances throughout David Guetta’s UK tour, Norman Doray will now be giving away his latest track for free via his official Facebook page. Available now Champagne mixes disco, funk and house to create a track that will keep clubbers dancing all summer long. Produced by Norman and fellow Frenchman Richard Grey, Champagne is full of warmth, soul and melody, taking us on a dreamy, summer-tinged trip through disco and funk on our way to the club dancefloor. Rolling beats join euphoric piano keys to take us back to the heady days of positive old school music, pleasuring the mind and soul as well as your feet. Whether outside in the sun or finishing off a hazy summer’s day in the club, Champagne will shower you in its own life-affirming rays of happiness until you are ready to stop dancing!

“I did this track because I wanted to do something a bit different. I’ve been used to doing really progressive, big room tracks and I just wanted to go back to my roots. I come from disco and funk music; I love this kind of music. I’m a bit fed up with tracks with the big chords and everything at the minute, so I wanted to change it and try to do something like this which has more of a disco vibe for the summer. Every time I have played it it’s worked so well because people are not so used to hearing tracks like this in clubs now. I’ve kinda gone back to the kind of music we heard from Junior Jack and Kid Crème over ten years ago.”