Smoking Cigarettes & Cigars on the Golf Course

Smoking Cigarettes & Cigars on the Golf CourseI recently read an article in Troon Golf & Travel relating to cigarette and cigar smoke on the golf course. I do not smoke, never have, but this article sparked something inside of me. (Fine, I’ll admit it. I have smoked a few cigars in my day. But trust me, they are far and few between.) I have been on the golf course numerous times where my playing partners have lit up, but even when thinking about it, I can’t recall any of them asking me if it was okay to light up.

This is a free country, assuming you are playing golf in the United States, and if you are over the age of eighteen, then you can legally smoke pretty much anywhere you desire. It’s well within your rights to “smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em”. But is it so hard to ask the other guys in the group if they mind you smoking? Does that thought process even cross your mind, as a smoker?

I get it, we’re outside… but depending on where you are in relation to your other playing partners, it could really bother someone in your group. I guess the point of this little rant is simple… if you are going to smoke, ask those around you if they mind. If they say no, then smoke your little heart out. But if you are playing in the same group as someone, I feel that it’s just common courtesy to ask if they mind.

Do you smoke? Do you smoke on the golf course? Do you ask your playing partners first, before you light up?